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Sinopec invested US $2.2 billion to acquire shale oil and gas assets in the United States, Xinhua Beijing, January 3 - China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation announced on January 3 that its wholly-owned subsidiary international petroleum exploration and Development Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with Devon Energy Company of the United States to acquire Devon in Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska, Mississippi Utica Ohio, Utica Michigan and Tuscaloosa account for one third of the interests in five shale oil and gas assets

according to the current assets and interests owned by Devon in the above blocks, the net area is about 1644 square kilometers (about 406300 acres). At the time of delivery, both parties will make corresponding consideration adjustments according to the changes of land area. This transaction is carried out in the form of 30% cash and 70% deferred payment, which is used to pay the development cost corresponding to the equity held by Devon, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2014

China Stone speed precision said that this acquisition opened up the color that Sinopec affects the finishing paint; 2. The oil and gas business in the United States, which generates stress, is a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. The company will strengthen friendly cooperation with Devon and jointly promote the commercial development of the project

it is understood that Devon is one of the most successful shale oil and gas development companies in the United States, and has mature technology and experience in shale oil and gas resource exploration and development, pipeline operation, market sales, etc. The cooperation area and resource scale of five unconventional oil and gas asset projects including naibulale are large, and the operating environment and market-oriented foundation are good

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