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Sinopec lubricant brand is exported to the European market

on March 25, Sinopec lubricant company signed a cooperation agreement with TNB company of the Netherlands on marine lubricant production and supply services, and TNB company was selected as the European market partner

in recent years, Sinopec lubricant company's overseas lubricant business has developed rapidly, and has successively set up marine lubricant production and supply service networks in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the United States. There are also two kinds of equipment in Europe, no matter which 5-gold tool torque detection equipment parameters: the model is the key area of overseas business development. As a professional Dutch lubricant company, TNB is willing to cooperate with Sinopec lubricant company to expand the European market based on the local and European lubricant market conditions

the signing of this cooperation agreement marks the successful launch of Sinopec Lubricants' brand export in the European market

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