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Sinopec held the Qingdao LNG project cryogenic valve localization conference in Beijing. On March 14, Sinopec held the Qingdao LNG project cryogenic valve localization conference in Beijing, and Secretary General song Yinli was invited to attend the conference

this meeting was organized by the material and equipment department of Sinopec, and relevant leaders of the science and technology and Standards Department, the planning department and the equipment procurement department attended the meeting. Experts from Sinopec System Design Institute and engineering companies were invited, including valve experts from Sinopec engineering construction company and Sinopec Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Company at the end of last month. Dalian Dagao Valve Co., Ltd., a member of Valve Association, 7 To ensure the correct and reliable connection of all connecting lines, several enterprises, such as CNNC suvalve Technology Industry Co., Ltd., Suzhou newway Valve Co., Ltd., Shanghai KaiWeiXi American manufacturing employees, China Valve Group Co., Ltd., Shenjiang Valve Co., Ltd., were invited to attend the meeting and introduced their achievements in the development and production of low-temperature valves. The experts at the meeting carefully discussed the localization scheme of cryogenic valves for Sinopec Qingdao LNG project, analyzed the development, production and supply capacity of domestic valve enterprises, and proposed the specific localization party Jinan experimental machine manufacturer Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd

the meeting believed that at present, the consumption of low-temperature valves in Sinopec system is increasing year by year, especially the LNG project, which has the largest consumption of low-temperature valves, strict working conditions and high requirements for safety and reliability. However, the localization of low-temperature valves is imperative. On the premise of ensuring safety, it is necessary to actively promote localization. The low-temperature valves of gate, stop and small-diameter ball valves are directly purchased domestically, and the large-diameter low-temperature ball valves are gradually nationalized

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