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Sinopec builds a model cracking furnace for ethylene plant

in order to build a world-class ethylene plant, Sinopec Group, based on foreign advanced cracking furnace standards, has determined one cracking furnace as a model furnace in Yangzi Petrochemical Company and Maoming Petrochemical Company respectively to implement energy-saving transformation. While achieving the expected energy-saving goal, it will provide a reference model for Sinopec's cracking furnace transformation. On February 9, the model furnace of Yangzi Petrochemical Ethylene Plant was changed. Based on the corresponding lightweight technology, the company used a combination of small high-power engines to officially start construction. It is planned to deliver it on April 30 and start up in early May

ethylene plant is a large energy consumer, and the operator of ethylene plant must pay attention to the pressure rise of pressure gauge and the leakage of each connection. The energy consumption of olefin cracking furnace accounts for more than 70% of the energy consumption of the whole ethylene plant, which has a significant impact on the economic and technical indicators of the plant. At present, there is an obvious gap between the domestic ethylene energy consumption level and the foreign advanced level. In order to reach the advanced level of similar foreign plants, Sinopec decided to implement the transformation of the model furnace of ethylene plant, which can be heated before heat treatment. 4 Experimental force value display: the computer screen displays direct reading digital engineering or cold processing engineering. Yangzi Petrochemical's model furnace is ethylene New Area No. 01 cracking furnace, which is a light oil furnace, and the design raw materials are naphtha and light naphtha. Due to the constraints of engineering design, furnace tube material and other conditions, at present, the actual oil input of the furnace is 90% of the original design capacity, the thermal efficiency is only 93%, and the operation cycle is only about 40 days. In addition, the refractory materials in the radiation section are aging, the heat dissipation loss is large, and the ordinary fan function consumption used in the original design is also high

To this end, Sinopec Group plans to invest 30million yuan and adopt a number of advanced energy-saving technologies and energy-saving materials to implement energy-saving transformation of the model furnace, including frequency conversion and speed regulation technology, furnace tube enhanced heat transfer technology, new insulation materials, etc. According to the plan, after the transformation, the naphtha processing capacity of the sample furnace will be greatly improved, the thermal efficiency will reach more than 95%, and the operation cycle will reach more than 80 days

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