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More than ten days have passed since Sinopec gasoline doors affected tens of thousands of cars and lost more than ten million

, but the aftermath of Sinopec red gasoline on the doors of general flexible packaging manufacturers continues

on the weekend of April 18, another group of car owners who had vehicle failures caused by refueling at Sinopec gas stations came to settle claims, and the employees of Sinopec Anyang branch were busy. Since these car owners do not have refueling certificates, Sinopec needs to spend more time to identify the situation

even for those vehicles that have preliminarily completed the settlement of claims, hidden dangers still exist

Li Qi (a pseudonym), a car owner in Anyang, told this newspaper, "Sinopec has not given a clear statement about the damage of parts caused by red gasoline."

the crime of red gasoline

On the afternoon of April 15, dozens of cars of different brands were parked in front of the building of Sinopec Anyang branch, but the gas station adjacent to the building was deserted

these car owners who arrived successively did not come here to refuel. In the conference room on the second floor of the office building, seven or eight car owners are taking copies of their ID cards, vehicle driving licenses and other test sheets issued by the 4S store on the 10th, waiting for Sinopec to issue the corresponding documents, and then go to the 4S store to repair the vehicles

other car owners tried to talk to Sinopec leaders. In the deputy manager's office, an argument is going on

"if you issue a certificate to prove that the corrosion of vehicle parts is not caused by Sinopec gasoline, I'll leave now." A car value owner took out the carbon residue from the valve part when repairing the car in the 4S store, showed it to the deputy manager, and said excitedly

for this deputy manager, he has met such car owners many times since the red gasoline door happened. He recalled that on the morning of April 15, angry car owners even asked Sinopec to buy a damaged car worth about 100000 yuan

however, as the test results have not been officially announced, the deputy manager present was unable to give a positive answer

Li Qi, the owner of Anyang, is not surprised by this situation. "There are fewer people now. In early April, car owners besieged gas stations and buildings every day." Li Qi said

after calling several 4S stores, I learned that Chery alone had about 500 cars reported for repair due to the same fault, while Beijing Hyundai had more than 1000. This batch of faulty vehicles suffering from "car plague" showed similar symptoms: the sound of the engine was harsh, some parts were corroded, the vehicle shook, and the exhaust pipe ejected red turbid liquid, which would lead to serious fire death

it is understood that since Henan Province is a demonstration and promotion province of ethanol gasoline, the gasoline sold on the market in Anyang City is mainly gasoline with a fuel ethanol mixing amount of 10%, and its price is also lower than that in Beijing - 6.28 yuan per liter before April 14, and 6.53 yuan per liter after the price rise

but the ethanol gasoline this time is not the same as before. Li Qi kept some gasoline extracted from the fuel tank, which was red

"ethanol gasoline has been added before, but it is usually transparent cyan. This time, the red gasoline makes people feel very abnormal." Li Qi said

similar problems have also occurred in the surrounding areas of Anyang, such as Xinxiang and Jiaozuo. Among them, Xinxiang City had a similar problem at the end of last year

Li Hongyu, manager of the after-sales department of Beijing Hyundai 4S store in Xinxiang, said that the inspection result of Beijing Hyundai headquarters was that the manganese content in the gasoline samples submitted for inspection significantly exceeded the standard. The manganese content in the gasoline samples submitted for inspection exceeded 9.8%, 98 times the normal content. Manganese exceeding the standard seriously causes serious corrosion of piston connecting rod, piston ring and other components in the engine

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