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Sinopec capital signed a strategic investment agreement with Zhejiang zhongkong but changed the experiment. The difficulty of the experiment was increased because the bar was often difficult to clamp. On the 25th, Sinopec Group Capital Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang zhongkong Technology Co., Ltd. held a strategic investment agreement signing ceremony in zhongkong science and technology park. Huang Wensheng, vice president of Sinopec Corporation and chairman of Sinopec Group Capital Co., Ltd., Mr. Chu Jian, head of capital and Finance Department of Sinopec Group, Mr. Jia Xunhui, vice chairman and President of Zhejiang zhongkong group, and Cui Shan, executive president attended the signing ceremony

Huang Wensheng, chairman of Sinopec capital, and Mr. Chu Jian of Zhejiang zhongkong Group signed a strategic investment agreement on behalf of both parties. The signing of the investment agreement on the use method of tensile testing machine for thermal insulation materials by Jinan testing machine factory marks a new stage of cooperation between the two sides

Chu Jian welcomed Huang Wensheng and his delegation to central control. He said that the growth of central control group cannot be separated from the support of Sinopec, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to Sinopec as an important partner of central control group for many years. Central control has made some achievements in the past, but has greater goals and pursuits. He hopes that DC electromechanical drives the friction turntable to rotate to a higher level, It is a great pleasure and honor for Sinopec funded wooden case packaging machinery to become one of the top 10 industries in China's machinery industry and instinctively participate in the next development of central control

Huang Wensheng highly affirmed the development achievements of central control group and was very optimistic about its future development. Looking back on the development process of central control, we can not only see the development story of an enterprise from scratch, but also witness the magnificent development process of national industrial automation. This time, Sinopec capital is optimistic about the development of the industry and the central control team, and is also infected by the national feelings of the central control team

in the 26 year development process of China control group, Sinopec has supported all the way and walked hand in hand on important historical development nodes. Huang Wensheng said that Sinopec is happy to play such a role and hopes that through this cooperation, industrial control and future smart factories can be more closely combined. Sinopec capital is a dream chaser for manufacturing transformation, pursuing dreams together and achieving greater dreams

at the signing site, Mowei of China control group reviewed in detail the cooperation process between SINOPEC and China control over the years. Since the cooperation in 1998, China control group and Sinopec have made profound friendship and become close partners. This capital cooperation is another new start, opening up infinite possibilities for the future. China control group will also continue to contribute to the automation, digitalization and intelligent construction of the petrochemical industry, and make continuous efforts for the construction of green, low-carbon and environmental protection

on the day of the signing ceremony, Huang Wensheng and his party, accompanied by relevant leaders of the central control group, visited the central control technology experience center. During the process, Chu Jian and Jia Xunhui introduced in detail the development history and product system of the central control group, as well as the progress and achievements of the central control group in the fields of industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing, industrial interconnection and so on

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