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Sichuan Sinopec will sue the reveler of usury. The chairman said that the Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company, which was questioned by Huang Jiuchang, the chairman of Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company, denied granting usury, saying it was an investment, and the relevant income had been taxed. Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company recently fell into the vortex of usury. Yesterday, Sinopec Group temporarily notified to hold a media meeting. Zhu Maoyuan, the legal adviser of Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company, read out a statement at the meeting, saying that what Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company signed for Jinxin real estate company was the "project investment agreement", which invested in the project it contracted and obtained income, which was a normal investment income, not usury. Huang Jiuchang, chairman of Sinopec Sichuan Sales Co., Ltd., said that Liu Ming, the former shareholder of Jinxin company, and others had infringed on the company's reputation, and the company would file a lawsuit

"it's investment, but not usury"

according to previous media reports, Huang Jiuchang promised to provide loans to Jinxin real estate, and authorized his nephew, Huang Bo, deputy director of the investment department of Sinopec Sichuan Sales Company and legal representative of Sichuan Petrochemical Construction Investment Co., Ltd., to handle it specifically. Because Jinxin real estate could not repay its debts, Sichuan Petrochemical Construction Investment Co., Ltd. took over Jinxin real estate without the consent of Liuming, the shareholder of Jinxin real estate

Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company responded yesterday that the "star guarantees its sharpness" garden project contracted by Jinxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. had become uncompleted residential flats due to arrears of funds. Under the coordination of the Daxian government, the Daxian people's government signed the project investment agreement with Sichuan Petrochemical construction investment company and Sichuan Jinxin real estate development Co., Ltd. According to the agreement, Sichuan Petrochemical construction investment company invested 30million yuan, of which 17million yuan was used for housing demolition and resettlement compensation, and 13million yuan was used as project construction funds

zhumaoyuan, the legal adviser of Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company, said that since it was an investment, if the subjects were mainly large tonnage (above 10t), there would be investment income, but it was not usury. Xingsheng garden was transferred to Huang Bo, the legal representative of Sichuan Petrochemical Investment Co., Ltd. in August 2008. After that, Sichuan construction investment company invested in its own company, and there was no usury. Even if it obtained income, it was normal

"relevant income has been taxed but not privately shared"

last Sunday, Liu Ming, the former shareholder of Jinxin company, broke the news again: Sichuan Petrochemical southwest Real Estate Co., Ltd., Sichuan Petrochemical diversified industry Co., Ltd., Chengdu Golden idea Jiaxin Consulting Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Changsheng Investment Co., Ltd., subordinate to Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company, transferred RMB 42.5 million, RMB 25 million, RMB 17 million and RMB 7.6 million to Jinxin real estate account respectively, Huang Jiuchang, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company, also transferred 3million yuan to Jinxin real estate account, totaling 95.1 million yuan. Liu Ming also took out the remittance voucher and said that the other Party requested a monthly interest rate of 2.5 points. Liu Ming pointed out that Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company deliberately set up multiple companies to guarantee each other in order to defraud bank loans and distribute the proceeds privately

in this regard, Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company said yesterday that the above funds were the investment of a yinghuang square by a company under Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company, which was an additional investment of more than 90 million yuan at the request of the government. Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company said that all the investments of its subsidiaries have been returned in batches during the year, and they have been included in the accounts of the companies that originally provided the investment funds. "The relevant recovered income has been taxed and paid the relevant taxes, and there is no part of the income that has not been recorded in the account, let alone the act of privately sharing the profits."

Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company also said that the investment funds are the company's own funds. These companies have never borrowed from banks since their establishment. You are welcome to inquire from the media and legal circles

Yang Keqing, a partner of TIANYAO law firm, believes that economic exchanges between enterprises and affiliated enterprises are very common, and there are no legal problems in theory

"will sue for defamation"

2 for example: in a group of experiments, several experimental films are called "several pieces" and several groups of experiments are called "several batches". On July 7, the former shareholder of Jinxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. disclosed to the media that Huang Bo, the legal representative of Sichuan Petrochemical under Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company, forged his signature and occupied 100% of the equity of his company

liumingjun, partner of Bangsheng law firm, said that the focus of the dispute between the parties is who owns the equity of the company. If the real estate company transfers the equity to Huang Bo through legal channels, there will be no problem that Sichuan Sinopec borrows usury from the real estate company

previously, Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company presented a document in August 2008. The shareholder resolution signed by Liu Ming and other original shareholders showed that 100% of the company's equity was transferred to Huang Bo at the price of 1000 yuan

yesterday, Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company brought a signature appraisal from the physical evidence Institute of Sichuan police college. The appraisal opinion showed that Liu Ming's signature on the shareholder resolution was indeed his own signature

Huang Jiuchang said that Liu Ming and his lawyers spread distorted statements and fabricated facts, which had an impact on the reputation of Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company, seriously interfered with the normal work of Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company, infringed on the right of reputation, and caused adverse effects. Therefore, Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company will institute legal proceedings against Liu Ming's defamation and pursue his legal action

yesterday, I tried to contact Liu Ming but failed

Huang Jiuchang "cried angrily" for "seven or eight days" at the scene.

Sichuan Sinopec has been involved in the storm of usury for as long as a week. It has also responded in the middle, but it avoided the problem of usury, so it was accused of being guilty. Yesterday, Huang Jiuchang, chairman of Sichuan Sinopec Sales Co., Ltd., was very excited at the press conference. His voice choked, saying that he had not responded for a long time because he was a state-owned enterprise

Huang Jiuchang led the deputy general manager and spokesperson of the company to hold a press conference at the headquarters of Sinopec Group yesterday. After the company's legal adviser read out the statement, Huang Jiuchang began to describe his sad childhood with a strong Sichuan accent, saying that his father was wrongly identified as a rightist when he was very young

when talking about Liu Ming's accusation that his company lent usury to real estate companies this time, Huang Jiuchang was excited and his voice choked. "I feel very weak and uncomfortable. If I were a private enterprise, I would have responded." Huang Jiuchang said, "after this thing came out, many people called to comfort me and asked me why I didn't tell the truth and whether I was afraid of anything. Because Sinopec was involved, I had to take the overall situation into account and was frustrated for seven or eight days. This time I came to Beijing to report to the leaders, I was angry and cried, and now I just held this press conference to tell you the matter."

Huang Jiuchang also said, "Liu Ming owed more than 20million yuan in foreign debt and hid in order to escape the debt. I am soft hearted. Seeing that his husband and wife are poor, I borrowed 3million yuan from my son's company to help him repay several people's usury."

according to Huang Jiuchang's description, after borrowing the money, Mr. and Mrs. Liu Ming said with gratitude: "secretary, you are my biological parents, and I will never forget your great kindness in my life."

"although Liu Ming framed and slandered me like this, and many kind-hearted people complained about my grievances, I always thought it was unnecessary to see him in the same light. Everyone in Dazhou knew who he was." Huang Jiuchang said

dialogue "investing in Jinxin real estate because I am from Daxian county"

: why does Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company sign an investment agreement with Jinxin real estate company

Huang Jiuchang: because I'm from Daxian county. At that time, Jinxin real estate company had difficulties in its project, which was uncompleted residential flats. Da county secretary and county magistrate came to me to see if I could invest and solve the problem. In 2008, we signed the project investment agreement with Daxian county government and Jinxin real estate company

Liu Ming was in debt and was chased. I was soft hearted. I gave him 3million yuan from my son to help him repay the usury

: did the investment of Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company get a return? Was it loan sharking? Liu Ming said that you offered a high interest of 2.5 points. How to explain

Huang Jiuchang: at present, the investment funds of Sichuan Sinopec have been planned, and the income obtained has also paid relevant taxes, which is not usury. He said it was 2.5 points of usury. What evidence did he have? I don't know how it came about

: it has been nearly a week since the usury storm. Why do you respond to the media now

Huang Jiuchang: after the incident came out, everyone called to express their condolences. Many kind-hearted people complained about my grievances and received more than 200 messages and a lot of information. This morning, I found the leaders and talked about my ideas before holding this press conference

Jinxin real estate company was transferred to Huang Bo in 2008, and later Liu Ming still worked in the company. Liu Ming knows these things. Now it has been more than three years. If he said that, why doesn't he go to the court to sue us, but slander us through the media

background Liu Ming is the former legal person of Jinxin

Liu Ming is the major shareholder and legal person of the former Sichuan Jinxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd

Jinxin company was originally a Jintan construction team in Daxian County, Dazhou city. In 1992, it became "Daxian Jinxin real estate development company", which is a collective enterprise. After the restructuring in 2006, the enterprise name was changed to Sichuan Jinxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 5million yuan, which was later increased to 8million yuan, and Liu Ming held 87.5% of the shares

Liu Ming said in the report that four years ago, he began to borrow from Sichuan Sinopec Sales Company as working capital for the development of the company. Now, his company and equity have been embezzled by Huang Bo, head of Sichuan Petrochemical Construction Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sichuan Petrochemical Construction), a subsidiary of Sinopec Sichuan sales company

in 2007, in order to develop the real estate project in Daxian County, Liu Ming was introduced to Huang Jiuchang, chairman and party secretary of Sinopec Sales Co., Ltd., who promised to provide a loan to Jinxin company with a monthly interest rate of 3 points

previously, Liu Ming and other three former shareholders of Jinxin real estate held a press conference, saying that Sichuan Sinopec not only has a subordinate company to lend, but many companies guarantee each other, use bank funds to lend at usury, and privately share part of the interest income

Event Review:

Sinopec Sichuan company was reported to be suspected of illegally lending more than 2 billion

media reports said that Sinopec Sichuan Sales Company and its subsidiaries were suspected of illegally issuing usury. Liu Ming, the informant, said that Sinopec Sichuan sales company illegally borrowed money in Dazhou and illegally changed its equity without his knowledge, and Sinopec illegally borrowed more than 2 billion yuan in Dazhou

Sichuan Sinopec responded to the usury door: malicious slander from stakeholders

Sichuan Sinopec said that it was an individual who used the media and Internet to distort the facts, slandered the company, and tried to confuse the false with the true, and confuse black and white. Relevant government departments have concluded that the change of Jinxin real estate is the true intention of the original shareholders, legal and effective, there is no concealment and looting, and there is no black cover of lending

Sichuan Sinopec was accused of obtaining bank funds to lend money. Three former shareholders including Liu Ming, who was involved in

Jinxin real estate, held a press conference, saying that Sichuan Sinopec has more than one subordinate company to lend money, and the independent research and development of special control software is the responsibility of multiple companies

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