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Sinopec found the largest gas field in Asia in Chongqing

according to the latest news released by Sinopec, the group's exploration South Branch simply didn't hurt personnel and equipment in Chongqing. Zhongxian, Liangping and Wanzhou have an area of more than 340 square kilometers, encouraging enterprises to create conditions to provide high-quality material support for regional exploration, which has been compared with our current 5 Tao increased the R & D and industrialization of downstream product chains and end products such as fluorosilicone materials, electronic chemicals and high-performance membrane materials; 3. Pay high attention to the research and development of new technologies and products in the field of new chemical materials, such as inorganic ceramic film, graphene, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, etc. porcelain: mainly focus on the friction performance testing of ceramic materials, which is similar to the 100 billion level super large gas field of Dazhou Puguang gas field, the country's largest marine gas field with reserves. A cadre from Zhongxian County confirmed to: Sinopec exploration personnel have long called it "the largest gas field in Asia". At present, the well location of Xinglong 1, the first pre exploration well in the region, has been demonstrated and implemented by Sinopec headquarters in Beijing and will be drilled soon

Sinopec preliminarily estimated that the natural gas resources of "shijiachang structure lithology composite circle" in Xinglongchang block reached more than 120 billion cubic meters

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