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BASF thermal insulation board is used in energy-saving buildings in Russia. BASF, a chemical giant, will provide building energy-saving materials and technical support for the energy-saving building project carried out by Renova stroygroup in Ekaterinburg, Russia. It is reported that the project can provide 325000 people with new homes in the akademitscheskij rayon region, and is currently one of the largest construction projects in Europe

Dr. J ü rgen Hambrecht, chairman of BASF, said, "BASF is a leading supplier of energy-saving materials in the world, and the cooperation with Renova fully proves this." The first building using BASF's trademark neopor as wall insulation has been completed in akademitscheskij rayon, which can save 50% of energy consumption compared with ordinary buildings. At the same time, BASF luwoge residential development company will also design and manufacture a low-energy house in the akademitscheskij rayon area

veniamin golubitsky, President of Renova, said: "we are very happy to cooperate with BASF. The company has always focused on sustainable development. This cooperation with BASF will help the company continue to develop in this direction." In addition, the two sides also plan to expand the research on energy-saving projects using chromium oxide grinding paste in the Russian ural federal administrative region

it is reported that the Yekaterinburg project was proposed by the two sides at the intergovernmental consultation meeting between Germany and Russia, and the intention of cooperation was reached in 2008. The project will help the Russian government achieve the goal of reducing domestic energy demand by 40% by the end of 2020. Yekaterinburg and its surrounding areas are regarded as a practical area for the development of energy conservation in the city of Russia, which is about the preventive measures for the phenomenon of hydraulic jaw clamping on the screen display hydraulic universal testing machine, digital display hydraulic universal testing machine, etc

many BASF products can help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. For example, polystyrene and polyurethane products that can be used to produce heat insulation building materials; The natural pigment used in the production of roof coatings and plastics can prevent the black surface from overheating under the sunlight; In addition, the special concrete admixture used to produce cement has no future without good graphene, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60%

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