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Russia international construction and Construction Machinery Exhibition (Bauma CTT Russia 2019)

location: Moscow crucos

host: Munich Exhibition Group

this exhibition is the largest international construction machinery exhibition in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. It has a long history. In recent years, it has become one of the global construction machinery exhibition (Bauma) series of Munich exhibition group. The exhibition scale is large, It is the largest professional exhibition in Eastern Europe

the exhibition area of the last exhibition was 61000 square meters, with 557 exhibitors from 38 countries participating, including more than 110 Chinese exhibitors, which continued to become the largest international exhibition group. The main participating countries include Russia, China, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Finland, Spain, South Korea, Belarus and Belgium. Many international well-known enterprises participated in the exhibition, such as Hyundai, Komatsu, and domestic XCMG, Lingong, Shantui Shaanxi Auto, among which XCMG became the largest exhibitor in China with 1072 square meters. The audience was nearly 20000, mainly from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries

I will be the exclusive agent of the exhibition in China

II. Main exhibits

machinery, rock chisel machinery and mining equipment, engineering drilling machinery and roadheader, earth shoveling and transportation machinery, reinforcement and prestressed machinery, pneumatic tools, concrete machinery, decoration machinery, electric tools, piling machinery, pavement machinery, compaction machinery, engineering hoisting machinery, municipal engineering and environmental sanitation machinery, motor industrial vehicles, power devices and accessories, various accessories, electrical accessories and their assemblies Testing and maintenance equipment and its accessories, auto accessories, construction machinery and

III. market introduction

Russia Russia covers an area of 17.0982 million square kilometers and has a population of 146million. The land area ranks first in the world. The proved reserves of natural gas account for 25% of the new proved reserves of bu6800 explored by many customers in the world, ranking first in the world. The proved oil reserves account for 9% of the world's proved reserves. Coal reserves rank fifth in the world. The reserves of iron, nickel and tin rank first in the world. Gold reserves rank third in the world. Uranium reserves rank seventh in the world. In 2017, Russia's GDP increased by 1.5% year-on-year. As of June 22, 2018, its foreign exchange reserves were about $456.3 billion

China and Russia established a strategic partnership of coordination in 1996, signed the Sino Russian Treaty of good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation in 2001, established a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination based on equality, trust, mutual support, common prosperity and lasting friendship in 2011, and entered a new stage in 2014. At present, China Russia relations are at the best period in history

is an important part of the cooperation between China and Russia on the model of 3-yuan battery. The "" strategy put forward by China provides an opportunity for Russia's development and a regional advantage for the two countries to expand cooperation in infrastructure. The Russian government will allocate 450 billion rubles (about US $15billion) for infrastructure projects, mainly including the construction of Moscow Kazan high-speed railway, Moscow Ring Road, reconstruction of BeiA railway and Siberian trunk line. This will greatly stimulate the trade, investment and cooperation between China and Russia in construction machinery, and will also provide a lot of business opportunities for the export of high-quality construction machinery products in China

in 2017, the bilateral trade volume between China and Russia reached US $84.07 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 20.8%. China has maintained Russia's status as the first trading partner for eight consecutive years, and Russia ranks 11th among China's major trading partners. In 2017, China exported US $800million of construction machinery products to Russia, with a sharp increase of 78.69%, accounting for 4% of the export value of construction machinery in 2017, which accounted for the fact that China's experimental machines can stop testing the quality or performance through control software. It has become the third largest export destination of China's construction machinery after the United States and Japan. Among them, the export of excavators was $64.07 million, a sharp increase of 162%, 150.45 million, an increase of 110%, 65.35 million, a sharp increase of 160%. In addition, all kinds of cranes, concrete machinery, rock drilling machinery and pneumatic tools, tunnel boring machinery, off-road dump trucks, forklifts, etc. have increased to varying degrees, and all kinds of construction machinery parts have also accumulated to $151.15 million, an increase of 31% when the temperature has a great impact

IV. cost standard

1. Standard booth:

(3x3 square meters) 39000 yuan (double opening +2000 yuan)

(3x4 square meters) 51600 yuan (double opening +2500 yuan)

18 square meters opening fee: double opening 4000 yuan, triple opening 6000 yuan

2. Indoor light floor (from 50 square meters) 185 euros

double opening +5% triple opening +10% quadruple opening +15% double-layer construction +80%

3.Directory fee 3000 yuan/company

4. Registration fee 2000 yuan/company

5 Registration method

please fill in the exhibition registration receipt form attached to this article, sign and seal it, and then send it back to us

our contact: Sun Rui, Li Yunsheng, Zhong Weiye, Tian Wei


mailbox: exhi@


attachment: exhibition registration receipt form

December 7, 2018

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