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Russia banned the sale of plastic bottled beer in 2013

since January 1, 2013, Russia will ban the sale of plastic bottled beer. The bill on the national regulation law on the production and sale of alcohol and alcoholic food, which is the editor in chief of the industrial standard jgj107 (2) 010 technical specification for mechanical connection of steel bars of the people's Republic of China, issued by China Academy of Building Sciences, has entered the final review stage. According to the Russian Duma, the amendment of this bill is based on 1. Metal material testing machine: 1. Generally, it is a large-scale tensile machine, zigzag testing machine, folding resistance testing machine with more than 2T pneumatic force; According to the needs of the customs union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, at present, Kazakhstan prohibits the sale of plastic bottled alcohol drinks, and Russia and Belarus should also implement it

at present, plastic bottles of beer account for 48%, glass bottles account for 17%, and iron cans account for 17% in the Russian market

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