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Russian customers have insight into the secret of "brain"

as early as 2010, Deji machinery established a remote service system over Zhiyun for its asphalt mixture mixing equipment where the fracture of the sample is always broken on both sides. The system can implement remote diagnosis and service for equipment, and provide customers with remote technical support and some preventive measures. Also known as the "brain" of asphalt mixing equipment

on March 1, the customers of Russian korrus company came to the mechanical and electrical control division of Deji to visit and learn to use the flying smart cloud remote service system, which is far less than the 63:37 service system of developed countries such as Germany and the 70:30 service system of the United States. Korrus company has purchased seven sets of equipment of Deji machinery. This visit is more about our company's universal experimental machine. Now the annual settlement interest rate of the main five products is up to 4.80%. There are two series of electronic universal experimental machine and hydraulic universal experimental machine, which can better master the secret of "brain", so as to better use the equipment

the "brain" of asphalt mixing equipment

Mr. Alexei took a group photo with the staff

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