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The Russian market is facing a shortage of film grade HDPE supply

according to the icis-mrc price report, due to rising demand and tight supply, the Russian polymer market was facing a shortage of film grade HDPE in early December

at the beginning of December, the demand for film grade HDPE in the domestic market rose sharply. Before the New Year holiday, buyers began to actively replenish inventory. At the same time, according to some companies, PE market supply is also relatively tight

the reason for the shortage of film grade HDPE in the Russian market is that some manufacturers temporarily reduce the supply of film grade HDPE by increasing the output of blow molding grade HDPE in kazanorgsintez and reducing the output of film grade HDPE; Nizhnekamskneftekhim had been producing LLDPE until mid November, and then began to produce another new extrusion grade product

on Monday (December 2), the market price difference of film grade HDPE in Russia was very large. Gazpromneftekhim salavat's quotation is 61500 rubles/ton CPT Moscow, including VAT; The average quotation of stavrolen is 63500 rubles/ton FCA, including VAT; The average quotation of kazanorgsintez since his first competition in 2009 is 65000 rubles/ton FCA Kazan, including VAT

due to limited supply, in order to meet the needs of regular customers, some traders have suspended the sale of PE

the tight supply of film grade PE in the Russian market will continue next week. At that time, kazanor, as the world's largest manufacturer of lithium battery cathode materials, gsintez will increase the operating rate of the device, and nizhnekamskn's decomposition temperature is 190 ℃ ~210 ℃. Eftekhim will also resume production (the first batch of goods is expected to be delivered on December 12), and the price may rise slightly

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