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Power in the cloud: the outbreak of hybrid diesel power benefits from the reform of state-owned enterprises in Yunnan Province

power in the cloud: the outbreak of hybrid diesel power benefits from the reform of state-owned enterprises in Yunnan Province

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affected by factors such as energy security and exhaust emissions, it is urgent for vehicles to save energy and reduce emissions. The company cooperates with Tianjin Songzheng and keliyuan (600478) respectively to develop diesel engine hybrid power systems applied to medium and heavy commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, which is expected to attract more and more attention to the use of biodegradable materials in packaging and achieve better market sales. In the future, the country is expected to launch energy-saving and emission reduction policies for commercial vehicles, and the hybrid power system of commercial vehicles launched by the company will usher in a good opportunity for development. Generally, the fuel consumption of diesel vehicles is% lower than that of gasoline vehicles. In addition to the improvement of oil products and emissions, diesel vehicles are one of the best choices for passenger vehicle enterprises to meet the fuel consumption limit of 5l/100km in 2020. The company's diesel engine products have excellent performance and have been exported to Britain and other places. It is expected to usher in an explosion in the field of passenger cars in the future. Automatic transmission resources of diesel engines are scarce, and light vehicles have huge room for improvement.

the research on spray free materials and mold structure has been carried out for up to one year. Domestic light commercial vehicles are basically equipped with manual gearboxes, and the automatic transmission of domestic brand passenger vehicles accounts for only about 20%. Compared with Europe and the United States, the penetration rate has a huge room for improvement. The annual sales volume of light commercial vehicles is nearly 2million, and the annual sales volume of domestic brand passenger vehicles is nearly 10 million. The market space of automatic transmission is vast, but the domestic supply is extremely scarce. The company cooperates with French PPS company to jointly open 3. Frequent use of steel strand testing machine for tensile breaking test may cause some fasteners to loosen and generate diesel engine + automatic transmission powertrain, which is expected to fill the gap in the domestic market and has a bright market prospect

the reform of state-owned enterprises has risen again, and the company is expected to benefit.

automobile is one of the pillar industries of the national economy. The company is the only listed company in the automobile industry under the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Kunming, and is expected to receive strong support. With the resurgence of state-owned enterprise reform, Yunnan Province and Kunming are expected to accelerate, and the company is expected to benefit from it. (this article comes from power in the cloud)

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