The explosion of a chemical plant in Ordos has kil

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An explosion in a chemical plant in Ordos has caused 3 deaths and 6 injuries

an explosion in a chemical plant in Ordos has caused 3 deaths and 6 injuries

June 30, 2015

[China paint information] according to Zhungeer banner, at 10:04 on June 28, a 3-person death accident occurred in Yidong Jiuding Chemical Co., Ltd. in Zhungeer Economic Development Zone, Ordos City. After preliminary investigation, the cause of the accident was hydrogen leakage from the heat exchanger in the purification workshop of the enterprise, resulting in flash explosion, resulting in 3 deaths and 6 injuries, including 4 minor injuries. At present, more than 3/4 of the injuries are being treated by the personnel of the hot air plastic granulator, and the injury is stable. The small-scale fire caused by flash explosion has been quickly extinguished, and no damage has been caused to other devices in the chemical industry zone. The specific cause of the accident is under further investigation

an explosion occurred in Jiuding chemical company of Yidong group, Shagedu Town, Jungar banner, Ordos City during the production process, and the three gas heat exchanger leaked and flashed, causing an open fire. After the accident, the Ordos public security fire detachment responded quickly, mobilized sufficient forces and effective equipment to the scene at the first time, and successfully handled the accident after more than 5 hours of heroic struggle to avoid malignant accidents

after receiving the alarm, the Ordos Fire detachment immediately dispatched two active squadrons, a total of 51 officers and soldiers and 8 fire engines from the Zhungeer banner mining area brigade and Yidong rescue brigade to the scene at one time, and the full service headquarters of the detachment went out. More than 1.2 billion yuan of production equipment was protected, and three people were rescued from the electronic universal testing machine with large deformation detection, low-temperature test box, low-temperature bending instrument, anti perforation instrument, dynamic anti dry impermeable instrument, shore hardness tester, balance, large oven and laboratory temperature and humidity monitoring equipment. The accident was preliminarily identified as a work safety accident

Ordos Yidong coal Jiuding Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Yidong Industrial Park, Shagedu Town, Jungar banner, about 5.5 kilometers away from the government of shagedu town and 15 kilometers away from the mining brigade of Jungar banner. This enterprise mainly produces ammonium nitrate in production, and the by-products are sulfur, methanol, etc., with an annual output of 200000 tons. It adopts synthetic ammonia process, oxidation process, hydrogenation and other chemical processes, and uses hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, methane and other toxic gases in production

according to the characteristics of chemical disaster accident disposal, the on-site headquarters adhered to the operational concept of "investigation and inspection first, standardized disposal, protection in place and ensuring safety", and carried out on-site investigation and instrument monitoring throughout the whole battle. The officers and men participating in the war strictly implemented various safety protection measures and standardized operations according to procedures, ensuring the safety of officers and men and the people during the disposal process; On the basis of full-time and regional reconnaissance, considering the most dangerous and unfavorable conditions, a warning area is set up within 00m of the surrounding 20 controlled loading at the required rate; The on-site safety experts closely monitor the combustion tank, evaluate the building structure and fire development trend, and provide reliable guarantee for the on-site commander's decision-making. At 14:02, all on-site indicators reached normal, and the detachment continued to monitor the temperature drop. (b) Layer spacing of go and go-pda with different moisture content (c) scanning electron microscope images of go and go-pda papers

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