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The explosion in Lanzhou Petrochemical plant did not affect the production of Yinguang TDI

on January 7, the 316 tank farm of petrochemical plant of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company exploded and caught fire. Whether the explosion of Lanzhou Petrochemical plant has an impact on the supply of toluene, the raw material of Gansu Yinguang TDI, has aroused the concern of people in the polyurethane industry

in the interview, according to informed sources, the explosion was caused by the deflagration of light hydrocarbon (liquid uses 1m3 of polyurethane thermal insulation material to convert gas), while no accident occurred in the toluene plant. The official investment agreement on the 300000 ton biological composite material and additive manufacturing composite material project and the 20000 ton functional masterbatch project was signed with the people's Government of Shunqing District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, China. Affected by the whole explosion accident, the toluene plant of Lanzhou Petrochemical has been shut down for rectification

connect to Gansu Yinguang. In the interview, the relevant person of Gansu Yinguang said that Gansu Yinguang purchased Lanzhou 9 Load deformation, load time, load displacement, displacement time, deformation time and other curves can be selected according to user needs for experiments and data flash, storage, analysis and printing. The amount of petrochemical toluene accounts for about 30% of the total toluene consumption of the enterprise. At present, the impact on TDI device production is limited

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