The explosion of the hottest beer bottle hurt peop

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The beer bottle explosion hurt people, but the dealer stabilized

originally planned to drink some wine to relieve the summer heat when the weather was hot. Unexpectedly, he didn't drink the beer, but took himself to the hospital instead. Yesterday morning, in the ward of the municipal emergency center, the injured citizen Mr. Mao told us about his experience

the beer bottle "blew up" and hurt consumers

for Mr. Mao, who lives in Mouzi Town, Shizhong District, July 30 is a rare weekend. "I was going to have a good rest at home..." Mr. Mao told him that at noon that day, he remembered that there were still several bottles of a brand of beer in the kitchen, so he went to the kitchen to get some wine to quench his thirst. The moment he mentioned the bottle, an accident happened. The beer bottle suddenly "exploded", and the flying glass fragments with great impact scratched the middle tibia of Mr. Mao's right leg. Hearing the sound, Mr. Mao's wife, Ms. song, ran into the kitchen and called the point 2.5c higher than the freezing point the activity point or pour point. She saw that the ground was full of glass fragments, and her husband was holding his right leg with his hands, and blood was flowing from his fingers. Mr. Mao went to the health room of Mouzi town for a simple dressing and was transferred to the municipal emergency center for further treatment at about 4:00 p.m. that day. After careful examination by the doctor, the wound on Mr. Mao's right leg was 5cm long and 2cm deep

After the incident, Mr. Mao found a small store selling beer. According to the information provided by the store owner, Mr. Mao called the Leshan distributor of this brand of beer. After learning the details, the man who claimed to be surnamed Wu told him coldly, "I'm sure I can't come. You can go to the hospital first." Mr. Mao told him that the other party immediately hung up. Mr. Mao was very dissatisfied with his attitude: "even if you can't come, you should at least comfort yourself, or ask others to come and have a look. This attitude is too angry when something happens!"

At about 2:00 p.m. on the 30th, Mr. Mao called the Chengdu Branch of the brand of beer according to the information provided in the media advertisement. The operator told Mr. Mao that they would send Leshan dealers to handle the matter. At 2:47 p.m., a woman who claimed to be a salesperson of the brand asked Mr. Mao about the matter. When Mr. Mao asked him to send someone to the hospital, the woman said she couldn't make the decision

in this way, Mr. Mao could not wait for the relevant personnel. At 8:49 a.m. yesterday, Mr. Mao dialed the number of the Chengdu Branch of the brand of beer again. Five minutes later, a man who claimed to be the head of Leshan area of this brand of beer called Mr. Mao. Mr. Mao once again asked the other party to visit him in the hospital. The person in charge said that he was very busy and had to hold a meeting. He didn't have time to come. He would be free the next day. In this regard, Mr. Mao was very angry in the design of China's transportation (2) 0 large transport aircraft and C919 large passenger aircraft. "Their style of handling affairs gives me the feeling that they can push it. How can I believe it?" Mr. Mao told him that he had no choice but to tell the other party that he would notify the media about the matter: "I asked him where his office is, and I said that if you didn't have time to come to me as required by the fixture load test, I would go to you. As soon as he heard it, he said that I was threatening him, and told me forcefully, 'if you want to expose it, we won't solve this matter!'" yesterday, The distributor of this brand beer in Leshan did not take the initiative to visit Mr. Mao in the hospital

interview "ran into a wall"

at 10:14 a.m. yesterday, I dialed Mr. Wu's and received a lady. She repeatedly asked him what to do. When she indicated her identity, the other party immediately hung up. When I dialed again, no one answered. Later, I dialed this brand of beer. Recently, some friends often asked questions. The person in charge of Leshan left them to Mr. Mao, but no one answered them. The dealer could not be contacted until yesterday's deadline

source: Sichuan

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