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From July 8 to 11, 2016, Longyong made a wonderful appearance in the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo, attracting many exhibitors and exhibitors to come to the exhibition hall to inquire and negotiate cooperation

home hotline reported that from July 8 to 11, 2016, Longyong made a wonderful appearance at the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo, attracting many exhibitors and exhibitors to come to the exhibition hall to inquire and negotiate cooperation. Feng Dongfa, regional general manager of Guangdong Longyong Industry Co., Ltd., introduced Longyong's new product highlights at this exhibition to reporters in an exclusive interview with Huiya information home hotline reporters, and shared Longyong's brand concept and corporate culture

interview guests: fengdongfa, regional general manager of Guangdong Longyong Industrial Co., Ltd.

wooden door world: Hello, Mr. Feng! What message does your company want to convey to the outside world when participating in the China Construction Expo

Mr. Feng: it's to let the outside world know that Longyong is making whole wood. Our products include wardrobe, wooden door, ceiling, ceiling, screen and wine cabinet. In this exhibition, our products are shocking, and also bring great confidence to our franchisees, so that Longyong can blossom everywhere in China

"wooden door world": many enterprises showed up at the China Construction Expo with new products, and Longyong was no exception. What were the highlights of the new products at the exhibition

Mr. Feng: our products in this exhibition are Chinese, French and so on. Mainly through the way of scientific and technological customization, we turn the most complex things of the whole wood home decoration into the most standard parts, making them modular and detailed. We use software and animation technology to make the most real effects. Consumers can see the decoration of their homes in the shortest time in the selection process. It can also be combined with the Internet. For example, if you are abroad, we can give you an account. You can log in and make free combinations to achieve the decoration effect you want. This is our biggest highlight

wooden door world: if an enterprise wants to live a long life, it cannot do without brand promotion. What is the brand concept of our enterprise? Can you share it with us

president Feng: Longyong's concept is the unity of nature and spirit, green environmental protection, comfort and nature. Our slogan is to create home furnishing products and lead the fashion trend. We want to give Chinese consumers a more upscale and comfortable enjoyment, which is a direction of our brand development. Moreover, our Longyong brand will not only develop in China, but also set out for the world

wooden door world: Longyong has formed its own corporate culture after years of development. Can you share with us what Longyong's corporate culture is

President Feng: Guangdong Longyong Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the research and development, production and sales of all kinds of raw wood doors, composite wood doors, stairs, bogujia, artistic wooden lattice, wood carving flower crafts and other wood products. In the past eight years, the company has always been in line with the principle of "survival by quality, development by integrity", continuous innovation, and the management philosophy of keeping pace with the times, With warm and considerate service, we continue to win the recognition and appreciation of customers all over the country

the company has complete production equipment, exquisite production technology, and the integration of material import, production and sales. The wood adopts the world's valuable wood such as pineapple, sabili, pear, teak, oak and so on, which is degreased and dried at high temperature, combined with modern advanced production lines and production technology. The products are designed in European, Chinese and modern styles, which are suitable for high, medium and low-end household devices at all levels. They are both practical and artistic. Therefore, Longyong continues to win high praise in the industry and good reputation among consumers

the world is real, life is wonderful, and life is perfect. Believe that the power of integrity can turn stone into gold, and believe that the power of integrity can turn corruption into magic. Keeping his word is Longyong's commitment to society, partners and customers as a wood manufacturer. Longyongren is determined to pursue higher, innovate constantly, keep pace with the times, and provide customers with better products and more considerate services




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