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Women are like flowers, or cute, or elegant, or charming, or plain. They all have a taste that only belongs to them. Many details in people's lives will reflect women's characteristics, such as women's bedrooms. There are four kinds of women, lovely, lady, flying, plain. Let's see how they will dress up their bedrooms

first, princess dream, love lace

host characteristics: there is a kind of woman who has always imagined that she is the princess in the fairy tale. From the cuffs of their clothes, necklines and even the circles of lace on their bags, you can recognize this kind of woman at a glance. It is these small details that make these women show a touch of Lady temperament from top to bottom

key points of dress up: such a woman's bedroom should naturally be filled with a strong feeling of princess. The main color should be pure white or clean pink and warm yellow. All kinds of beautiful hangings hanging down are essential; It is best to set thick lace under the fresh and elegant bedspread; A desk lamp with a little European style is also rare. If the bedroom is spacious enough, a palace floor lamp is naturally the best choice; Of course, the princess' dressing mirror should also have some elegant decorations

reminder: this kind of bedroom lacks an atmosphere, so it is necessary to have appropriate lighting to make up for this. At the same time, such an elegant bedroom will be slightly monotonous under natural light. Putting a pot of indoor plants will add a point to the overall effect of the bedroom




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