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[] tomorrow will usher in the National Day golden week that businessmen are looking forward to. During this period, a wide variety of promotional forms came on stage, and the home decoration industry is no exception. Affected by factors such as the regulation of the real estate market and the rise in the price of raw materials, 1— In September, the sales volume of home furnishing market fell as a whole. Entering the golden nine and silver ten, the home furnishing industry has ushered in the peak season of decoration. In order to seize the market share of the traditional peak season, businesses have launched various promotional activities, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Jiazhuang 6 In the face of the upcoming National Day holiday, home furnishing enterprises are competing to appear. After you sing, I will appear on the stage, and there are waves of activities. Facing the increasingly normalized situation of promotion, businesses began to plan various innovative and attractive marketing activities, hoping to stand out and gather popularity in many promotional activities. ◆ there are many kinds of promotional activities in the national day home market. Affected by the regulation of the real estate market, the home industry has been light for more than half a year. After entering the golden nine and silver ten, businesses began to spare no effort to carry out various marketing activities, such as gift giving, lottery, group purchase, collective purchase, second kill, signing and so on. The activities with various tricks made the market gradually hot. Signed by the president. Since this year, there has been an upsurge of President signing in the home building materials market. President signing can not only bring closer the relationship between consumers and businesses, but also improve sales. Jiazhuang 6 Com business rewards. Many businesses aim at national day business opportunities to expand their stores, and then attract popularity through opening rewards. Although the method is very old, it can make profits in the short term, and businesses are also happy with it. During the National Day holiday, not a few businesses in Beijing will launch various preferential activities and group buying activities. Group buying has become a new favorite in the current home building materials industry. Some insiders even said that in the off-season of the market, group buying plays a very obvious role in boosting popularity. October is the best time of year for decoration, and many consumers will seize the 7-day holiday to make purchases. According to the survey, many consumers will choose to participate in group buying to buy household building materials and home decoration during the national day Com new product launch. The launch of new products is a systematic and complex work process. The initial performance of new products in the market often affects the overall performance of the future market, so the listing of new products is of great significance to enterprises. In order to welcome the National Day golden week, many businesses launched new products and held preferential activities. Jiazhuang 6 Com direct discount promotion. National Day has always been a time for businesses to compete. In order to improve popularity and achieve soaring sales in the short term, businesses spare no effort to carry out promotional activities. A few days before the National Day holiday, the price war of merchants has been launched in advance. ◆ enterprises have different expectations for the promotion effect. Although it is the National Day holiday immediately, for the market that has been depressed for more than half a year, enterprises can't help but carry out promotion activities in advance, trying to get a share of the market share in the traditional peak season. Businesses have different views on whether enterprises can make profits by sparing no effort to carry out various marketing activities. Jiazhuang 6 In the process of Xiaobian's market visit, the promoters of Shengxiang flooring introduced that Shengxiang had launched a number of new products and had a great deal of discount promotion, but the sales volume still did not achieve the expected purpose. The manager of a store said that most of the consumers who have purchase demand now are the owners who bought houses last year. After a whole year, they have basically digested it. Now many consumers still have a wait-and-see attitude and refuse to place orders for a long time. In the face of any number of marketing activities, it is equivalent to empty talk for consumers not to pay the bill. Jiazhuang 6 Some insiders believe that the National Day holiday will be a watershed in the home furnishing market in 2010, and the home furnishing industry will usher in a rebound. Designers of decoration at present believe that a large number of consumers are waiting and waiting. They firmly believe that businesses will have greater efforts and lower discounts during the National Day holiday, so they are not in a hurry to sell. They regard the Mid Autumn Festival as an opportunity to shop around at a time, which is why the mid autumn festival market is lukewarm. A promoter said that at present, many consumers come to consult, and the passenger flow is significantly higher than that of some time ago; And after the national day will enter winter, not suitable for decoration, I believe many owners will seize the national day for decoration




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