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Most families, especially those in the north, still use traditional wooden cabinets to store tableware. The unsanitary hidden dangers of such cabinets are obvious. Traditional wooden cupboards have three hidden dangers:

most families, especially northern families, still use traditional wooden cupboards to store tableware. The unsanitary hidden dangers of this kind of cupboard are obvious. Traditional wooden cupboards have three hidden dangers:

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first, they cannot be disinfected. For example, if the common hepatitis B virus is not heated to a high temperature of more than 120 ℃ without a disinfection cabinet, it can't be killed by only using traditional boiling water

second, the secondary pollution is serious. Due to the material itself, and the low level of production technology of some products, the sealing performance of current wooden cupboards is very poor. The incomplete cabinet door can not block the patronage of dust, ants, cockroaches and flies, which is easy to cause secondary pollution of tableware

third, Trichoderma infestans. Wooden cupboards are prone to moisture because they are often contaminated with water. Especially in the rainy season in the south, cupboards often grow hair and breed a large number of bacteria. What happened under our noses may not be noticed by people. If tableware is not cleaned and disinfected before use, the result is terrible. The disinfection cabinet can solve this problem, so as to avoid diseases entering from the mouth

the disinfection cabinet mainly adopts the working principle of far-infrared heating, ultraviolet radiation and strong ozone oxidation, which can effectively kill Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, influenza virus and hepatitis B virus, etc., and it can not only disinfect but also store tableware safely. Therefore, the disinfection cabinet is an indispensable health guard in the family

expert tips:

choose different grades and types of disinfection cabinets according to your actual housing area and different needs

generally speaking, the old-fashioned single function electric disinfection cabinet adopts far-infrared quartz electric heating tube with high heating temperature, and the temperature is above 100 ℃. Its remarkable advantage is that it is relatively cheap; The wall mounted disinfection cabinet is heated by far-infrared quartz electric heating tube or PTC with low temperature, and the temperature is about 70 ℃. It is mainly used for drying. The disinfection method adopts ozone and ultraviolet. Generally, it has a combination of one or two disinfection methods, and the price is moderate

the embedded disinfection cabinet is similar to other forms of disinfection cabinets in function, but it has novel shape, excellent manufacture and relatively expensive price. If your kitchen area is large and economic conditions permit, you may wish to buy high-end disinfection cabinets with large volume, such as floor mounted, embedded and drawer type disinfection cabinets; If your house is not large, you can consider buying an economical wall mounted disinfection cabinet, which not only saves money, but also saves space

after determining the style to choose, consumers should first look at the appearance and structure of the disinfection cabinet:

the box structure of the disinfection cabinet should have a correct shape, the outer surface should be bright and clean, the color should be uniform, and there should be no scratches, and the surface of the coating should be free of blisters, flow marks, peeling and other defects; The box structure should be firm, the door seal should be well sealed, closely adhered to the door, and should not be deformed. The cabinet door switch and controller should be convenient, flexible and reliable, and the fastening parts should not be loose (the tightness test of the cabinet door: a small piece of thin hard paper can be taken. If it can be easily inserted into the crack of the disinfection cabinet door, it means that the cabinet door is not tightly sealed)

after the appearance inspection is qualified, it can be powered on for inspection. The power on indicator light is on, press the switches one by one, and each switch button should be flexible and reliable; At the same time, check the working conditions of each function, observe whether the ozone discharge, heating and ultraviolet light can work normally from the appearance, and listen to the continuity and uniformity of the discharge sound of the ozone generator. Also check the interlock switch of the door (the interlock device against ozone leakage and ultraviolet light leakage), open the door of the disinfection cabinet, the disinfection cabinet should stop working immediately, close the door, and the disinfection cabinet should immediately resume working or restart. You can repeat the test several times to determine the reliability of the interlock switch of the door

in addition, it is recommended that consumers buy disinfection cabinets produced by well-known manufacturers from well-known distribution companies. First, the after-sales service of well-known dealers is guaranteed; Second, well-known production enterprises have technological and financial advantages. Most of the disinfection cabinets developed and produced have their own technologies and patents, which can meet the requirements of national standards, and the product quality is guaranteed





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