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Predict the popular trend of wallpaper decoration in 2013


now wallpaper has gradually become a strong force in home decoration, and is challenging the position of traditional wall decoration materials with a new attitude. Looking at the popular wallpapers on the market last year, in addition to PVC and non-woven materials with high environmental protection still leading the trend, wallpapers made of natural materials such as bamboo, rattan and linen have also begun to be widely used. Senior designers predict that the following aspects will become the main trends of wallpaper popularity in 2013

the retro trend is still hot this year. Chinese light color is still the forefront of popular flower and bird patterns. In order to meet consumer demand, major brands have also made more detailed improvements in the design of patterns and made various breakthroughs in materials

wall stickers are a kind of decoration pasted on wallpaper, which has become popular in recent years. Most of the shapes are hollow flowers, branches and vines, and the back is attached with adhesive, which can be pasted on wallpaper. Customers can choose their favorite colors or flowers at will, and the seller can modify them according to the size of the wall to meet customer requirements to the greatest extent

abstract geometric patterns have always been the most in choice of personality groups. This year, brands have made this personality more prominent, and the cross-border cooperation between brands has also attracted much attention. How to meet the personality needs of consumers has also become one of the hot spots this year

with the import of Korean wallpaper in recent years, the elegant and natural style has also become one of the popular trends. Elegant patterns can not only add elegance to the home environment, but also increase the visual effect of space

if you really don't know which color to choose for wallpaper, you might as well choose neutral colors such as gray, light coffee, beige, etc. as the main color. The salesperson of Eurasian wallpaper told reporters: "no matter how the fashion trend changes, neutral color wallpaper has never fallen behind, mainly because this kind of color can be matched very well, and the effect is good no matter what color furniture or cloth art it is matched with." At the same time, this neutral color wallpaper has another advantage, that is, it can become the main transition color of the family. If the color at home is too messy or suspected of "color collision", you can also use neutral color to neutralize it, which can play a transition role visually, which is quite good

the material of wallpaper has always been the focus of attention, so wallpaper brands will be launched in the wallpaper exhibition this year and next year. For example, the invention of three-dimensional pigments; The pure paper or non-woven paper with weak texture of the original fabric shading will show a perfect fabric shading through the printing effect. It also enables the interior space to produce a stronger warm and soft life feeling and moving through the wallpaper

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