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The doors and windows must be installed firmly, horizontally and vertically, with the same height. The door and window leaves should be opened flexibly without blocking and rebound

notes for the owner's acceptance after decoration:

doors and windows must be installed firmly, horizontally and vertically, with the same height. The door and window leaves should be opened flexibly without blocking and rebound. Hardware accessories are complete. The installation position of the door lock is correct, and the switch is flexible and effective. The surface of doors and windows shall be clean after installation, and the large surface shall be free of scratches and bruises. The large surface of the paint film shall be flat and smooth, with uniform thickness and no pores. Fine wood curtain boxes, heating hoods, wood parapets, wood partitions, door and window covers, skirting boards and decorative lines must be firmly nailed to the base without looseness. The lining plate and the panel must be firmly bonded, and there must be no delamination or bulging. The paint shall be flat and smooth, with smooth brush lines and consistent color

the hot and cold water switches, faucets and showers in the bathroom are installed smoothly, and they are flexible and convenient to use. During acceptance, you can switch them on and off several times to check whether the water flow changes with the opening size of the water throttle door. The drainage pipe should be unblocked, without slope, blockage and leakage, and the floor drain grate should be slightly lower than the ground. During the acceptance, the water shall be discharged after being filled repeatedly to see whether the drainage is smooth

the paving of wall and floor tiles should be flat and firm, the joints should be uniform, and the local hollowing should not exceed 5% of the total amount. The contact between the waterproof layer of the kitchen and toilet and the wall should be turned up and not less than 250 mm above the ground. The water on the ground surface is sloped to the floor drain, without flashing and ponding, and there is no leakage in the 24-hour water storage test

the wall top coating engineering requires that the putty should be firmly combined with the matrix, without peeling, pulverization and cracks. The emulsion paint is strictly prohibited from peeling, missing painting and revealing the bottom. The large surface is free of sagging and wrinkled skin, and the surface color is consistent without obvious brush marks

when the wood decorative lines such as the hanging mirror line and the top corner line are butted, it is advisable to adopt 45 ° plus glue slope connection, and there shall be no staggered seams and off seams at the joints. It is required to be straight, uniform, close to the wall, and the intersection and closing are correct. The ceiling keel shall not be twisted or deformed, and the installed keel shall be firm and reliable. The paper faced gypsum board cover is closely connected with the keel, which shall be fixed on the keel with galvanized screws, and the nail head shall be painted with antirust paint

after the completion of electrical engineering construction, necessary inspections and tests should be carried out, such as trial lighting of lamps, trial control of switches, and repeated switching for several times. Check whether the line meets the requirements of "live line in switch, zero line in lamp cap", and the socket should meet the requirements of "left zero right fire, grounding on". The switch socket panel should be installed firmly, in the correct position, with the cover plate upright, the surface smooth and clean, close to the wall, and there is no gap around. The height of switches or sockets in the same room should be consistent. When the project is completed, the wiring completion diagram shall be asked from the construction unit, indicating the conductor specification and concealed pipe direction





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