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are the parents of two babies at home particularly tangled when decorating the children's room? Giving them a room alone is definitely not enough, and they can't play together; If you are in the same room, you have to consider using two single beds or getting on and off beds. How should you choose

first, double bed children's room

if you want to put two beds in the children's room, the premise is that the space must be large enough, so a small house is not suitable for double beds

neat and symmetrical space is like looking at a mirror. Small beds, desks and bookshelves are neatly distributed in duplicate. The space feeling of pink and tender is very soft and comfortable

it's also good for two people to share a bedside table. The small beds side by side can talk quietly after rest at night. The diamond lattice decorated wall is pasted with some life photos, which makes the protagonist's room more visual

there is a clear separation between the rest area and the work area. The ceiling of the universe allows children to lie down and see the wonders of the world, which is conducive to stimulating children's imagination and enlightening their wisdom and creativity

upper and lower bunks children's room

upper and lower bunks children's beds can be said to save space, but parents must always remind children not to play and play, and pay attention to safety issues. In addition, when designing upper and lower bunks, they must be tall enough so that they will not appear depressed

in this way, the advantages of the falling floor design in space utilization are well displayed, and the adjacent space can also be used to meet the storage function of the room

the part of the windowsill is designed as a desk, which allows two people to read and study together or do some manual work. The structure of upper and lower bunks frees up a large part of the room for activities and play

the arched small door of the bed is blocked, which effectively prevents the risk of children falling asleep. The movable stairs can be put away when not in use, and do not occupy space

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