New challenges of aluminum alloy doors and windows

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The homogenization of aluminum alloy doors and windows shopping malls is severe, leading to the whole profession entering a white hot stage of competition. Under the impact of this wave, some small and medium-sized enterprises have suffered incalculable damage. In the face of fierce market competition, major enterprises will be more eager to explore new shopping malls, and in the process of transformation, they will also fully consider factors such as cost needs

door and window enterprises will face more challenges in the future

now, the development of the door and window profession has become more sophisticated, and the development of door and window enterprises has also fallen into a short bottleneck period. How can door and window enterprises achieve certain challenges in the new development field, we also need to strengthen the awareness of new shopping malls. However, because the vision of the new mall is unclear, it is more about meeting the challenge

Introduction: the concept of mall segmentation was put forward by American mall scientist Wendell r.smith in 1956

according to the wishes and needs of consumers, the overall shopping malls that are difficult for enterprises to serve due to excessive planning are divided into several sub shopping malls with common characteristics. The consumer groups in the same sub shopping malls are called policy consumer groups. Compared with mass shopping malls, the consumer groups of these policy sub shopping malls are focus

it is a new development of enterprise marketing thinking and marketing strategy under the new shopping mode of transforming many product malls in the United States from seller's malls to buyer's malls after the Second World War. It is also an inevitable product for enterprises to follow the modern shopping mall marketing concept of taking consumers as the center

pioneering new malls is the result of mall segmentation

new malls are the result of mall segmentation. Naturally, segmentation will not only produce a mall, but also have more and more branches. The larger challenges implied by new malls come from the branches of these malls. Any reborn shopping mall has no formed rules, which unconsciously adds pressure to the operation of door and window enterprises, making enterprises unable to distinguish the direction. However, few people understand that there are many uncontrollable factors at the beginning of the birth of the new mall, and the general environment of the mall is unstable

when the crisis of resources has seriously threatened the development of door and window enterprises, the segmentation of shopping malls will further aggravate the shortage of resources, and the competition between enterprises will also be intensified due to the competition between different shopping malls. In addition, the main stream direction of the development of new shopping malls has not been determined, and the development of new shopping malls itself contains great unpredictability. Even sophisticated door and window brands are difficult to adhere to the previous style in new shopping malls, and small door and window enterprises that have been making a living in the gap are even more uncertain

the aggravation of resource shortage, the unclear direction of shopping malls, the weakening of the control of shopping malls and so on have all become the obstacles for door and window enterprises to carry out. Door and window enterprises need to actively respond to these challenges

the subdivision of door and window shopping malls is related to cost.

everything has its advantages and disadvantages. The subdivision of door and window shopping malls also brings enterprises more challenges, and even falls into the dilemma of development. The appearance of new shopping malls also means that household enterprises such as doors and windows need to consume more funds to expand new ways, spend more resources to develop agents and add production costs

at that time, the intensity of the competition in the door and window industry was even more severe than we imagined. In order to blend more mall funds and occupy more mall space, the home furnishing industry took turns to cluster listing and cross-border planning. However, due to the fruitless listing of many home furnishing enterprises, such as doors and windows, and the excessive cross-border risks, home furnishing enterprises have turned their attention to the professional interior. The appearance of new shopping malls naturally makes home furnishing enterprises ecstatic. In this case, it is bound to trigger a new round of shopping malls competition

but this competition is different from previous competitions. Its unknown nature makes the competition between household enterprises like a dance on the tip of a knife, and a little carelessness will become eternal hatred. Household enterprises will face greater challenges and dangers, and how to ensure the stability of the original mall location when expanding the new mall is also what household enterprises need to consider

comments: facing the dilemma of lack of raw material resources, if door and window enterprises want to explore new shopping malls, they need to subdivide shopping malls. In this process, they should fully consider the cost needs, make development planning, and promote enterprises to move towards a healthier development direction, so as to win more vitality in the fierce competition at that time




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