Thailand uss3 rubber price fell on December 22 at

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The price of Thai uss3 rubber fell on December 22. At the end of the year, the seller released inventory

the price of Thai uss3 rubber fell on December 22 and was reported as 90% per kilogram 35 baht, dragged down by the decline of TOCOM futures and year-end sales

according to the comprehensive media on December 22, the spot price of uss3 rubber in Thailand fell to 90% per kilogram on Thursday 35 baht, reported on Wednesday at 90 85 baht, the amount of chasing plastic is increasing and falling with TOCOM

release some inventory to increase the arrival quantity

a dealer said: "towards the end of the year, some people need funds to settle their bills and have passed the reliability test and real vehicle road test of GM group with excellent results, and also ushered in the holiday season."

outside the central market, the price paid by the factory is about baht per kilogram

the total sales volume of rubber in the three central markets in Thailand is about 117.8 tons, 41.7 tons on Wednesday: 9.8 tons in Heai market, 78 tons in Surat Thani market and 30 tons in chandee market

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