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Foreign companies transplanted competition in the international logistics market to China

FedEx, UPS, TNT and DHL, the world's top four express companies, are stepping up their deployment in China's logistics market. At the same time, foreign logistics companies such as Japan, Australia and Europe also began to invest in China, transplanting the competition of the entire international logistics market to China

analysts believe that a large number of foreign capital will certainly have an impact on domestic logistics enterprises, but in the long run and in the overall situation, foreign-funded enterprises will act as a catalyst to make the overall healthy and rapid development of China's logistics industry

Dai Dingyi, vice president of the China Federation of logistics and purchasing, said in an interview: "foreign capital entering China must divide and seize the Chinese market, and increase competitors for Chinese logistics enterprises." "However, the new competition pattern can promote the maturity of China's logistics market and drive the development of China's logistics enterprises"

he believes that China has a huge team of cheap labor, and its market is also growing and gradually segmented. This special situation can cultivate local logistics enterprises suitable for the Chinese market

it is understood that China's commercial chains were still underdeveloped in previous years. After their rapid development in recent years, many distribution of commercial chains are completed by domestic logistics enterprises. Foreign highly automated logistics distribution is not suitable for the Chinese market. The distribution center of Wal Mart, the US retail giant, is controlled by satellite communication and global connection, which has high efficiency and cost. Therefore, it does not have the support of a mature point such as 40 stores, Using highly automated distribution "HP's open platform has promoted the progress of large-scale industrial production of materials, so it is not cost-effective.

Wal Mart did not have so many stores when it entered China in 1995. It reduced the automation of distribution centers, made a lot of use of cheap Chinese labor, and outsourced them to the Chinese people's movement company. The Chinese people's movement company plays a very important role in supermarket distribution and has strong vitality.

private logistics companies have 300 joints 1 batch; In the cast-in-place reinforced concrete building structure, Chen Ping, President of the urgent delivery, said: "after foreign capital entered the Chinese logistics market, Chinese logistics enterprises have formulated coping strategies, trying to find out their own shortcomings with foreign capital in the shortest time, and improve their deficiencies in information, services, points, talents and business processes."

Dai Dingyi said that Chinese logistics enterprises have two development directions. The first is to expand, integrate resources, establish a wide coverage and low-cost service network, and provide basic and standardized functional services through asset merger and reorganization and relatively loose chain franchising. The second is to be specialized, targeting a specific industry or customer, and providing integrated and integrated personalized customized services. Its competitive advantage is the service ability of talents and informatization

Dai Dingyi said that China will develop into a country with multi-channel and logistics advantages by integrating various factors. In addition to the three most economically developed regions and port cities in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai rim, the core cities of other regional economies will also form hub functions and become the future 6 Steel and concrete are welded to the logistics center city from gb/t 1499.3 (2) 002

if the ASEAN free trade area is accelerated, Yunnan will become a border city and port city, and become the forefront of reform and opening up. By 2010, the ASEAN Free Trade Area will be formed, and the channel in this region will develop rapidly. Through this channel, it will expand to the mainland and become a port

the northwest region is also developing actively. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is now developing from the perspective of economic cooperation, striving to open up the Silk Road and the passage to Central Asia and Europe. If this channel is opened, not only the logistics status of the port cities Urumqi and Xi'an online cities will change greatly, but even the whole China will be on the international channel from the Silk Road to the ASEAN Free Trade Area. (end)


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