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AQSIQ: 10000 national standards will be issued during the year

Li Changjiang, director of AQSIQ, said at the national quality inspection work conference that the formulation of 10000 national standards will be completed this year to keep the number of standards at about 31000 and solve the problem of lack of standards; Completed the revision of more than 9500 national standards that have not been revised for a long time, "Each production unit should provide less than 1 min. of beat time to solve the problem of standard aging.

Li Changjiang said that this year, we should speed up the preparation and revision of 4000 urgently needed national standards to ensure that the limit index of harmful substances in food and important consumer goods meets 100% of international standards; accelerate the pace of adopting international standards and strive to reach the end of the year. 2. Oscillation frequency: 100cycles/min (1.66hz) The proportion of national standards adopting international standards reached 75%, and actively participated in the revision of international standards. At the same time, we will adhere to the "synchronization of scientific research standards and industries", turn independent innovative technologies into standards in time, and solve the problem of lagging standards; Strengthen the filing of industrial standards and local standards, solve the problems of cross contradictions between standards, and establish a scientific system. I suddenly realized that I found the answer - an authoritative standard system

Li Changjiang also asked to strengthen certification, recognition and measurement. Establish a random inspection system for certification results, and establish a supervision chain for the whole process of compulsory product certification, including application, sample inspection, factory review, conformity assessment, certification and post certification supervision; Steadily carry out the health registration of foreign food import enterprises; Strengthen the qualification supervision of food and other testing institutions and improve the testing market access mechanism. In addition, it is understood that in order to cooperate with the special rectification, the AQSIQ conducted a comprehensive investigation on 25000 enterprises involving compulsory product certification, including household appliances, in 2007, and checked 3600 production and health registration enterprises of exported toys and 13000 exported food in China

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