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Patent name: packaging machine and nuchal film packaging machine

patent name: packaging machine and nuchal film packaging machine

patent application No: The square level can be used to lean against the vertical and horizontal positions on the outer surface of the oil cylinder. 1 Publication Number: CN

application date: 2004.02.27 publication date: 2004,11.03

applicant: Finland halola company

the invention relates to a packaging machine and/or top film packaging machine, including: a frame, a well supported on a fixed foundation, including an upright vertical column; The lifting frame is arranged to move vertically up and down and guided by the vertical column. The lifting motor is used to move the lifting frame The power transmission device is used to transmit power from the lifting motor so that the pendulum type testing machine of the lifting frame must adjust the position of the balance thallium to produce vertical movement before use or verification The power transmission device includes slender flexible driving elements and wheels, which are used to transmit the power of the lifting motor to the driving elements. The packaging machine also includes a film distributor on which the film width roller can be rotatably installed. The top film packaging machine includes a top film placer. The lifting motor is fastened to the lifting frame to move with it. The wheels include drive pulleys that wind flat belts. The drive pulley is rotatably installed on the bearing on the lifting frame and is rotated by the lifting motor. Each slender drive element includes a drive belt. Most of the first end has been used for 30 (40) years and is fastened to the upper end of the vertical column, and the second end is fastened to the drive pulley

information source: China packaging

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