China's PP futures are expected to be listed

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It is reported that polypropylene (PP) futures contracts and rules, which have attracted much market attention, will appear at the 2013 China Plastics Industry Conference held in Ningbo on June 5. At that time, the relevant principals of the Dachang exchange will deeply interpret the contents of the contract rules

poly propylene (PP) is a general-purpose synthetic resin for building an innovative value chain. It is the fastest growing and most widely used variety of synthetic resins. Since the development of LLDPE varieties in 2005, Dashang Institute has included PP and other varieties into the general resin series for research. After years of detailed market research and demonstration, the contract and rule design have been completed. The PP contract was approved at the end of April. At present, the big business exchange is promoting the listing application of the contract. Listed polypropylene futures will completely cover the most important general resin product series, which is conducive to improving the existing Petrochemical futures series, forming a variety aggregation effect, improving the enterprise hedging industry chain, improving hedging efficiency, and enhancing international pricing power

in addition, at this industry conference, the big commercial exchange will also clarify the delivery of PVC futures brands, which will help to solve the representative problem of the fully automated process of futures disk price

since 2008, the Institute and the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation have jointly held the plastic conference, which has been held for six consecutive sessions this year. The conference has become a high-end information platform for China's plastics and related industries. This session of the general assembly has set 15 theme performances to a new level! The three special forums will discuss the current status of the industry and the hot issues facing its development

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