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Pavers sound the horn of environmental protection coating reform

pavers sound the horn of environmental protection coating reform

0.61 ~ 0.700 January 8, 2020

with the continuous strengthening of environmental protection awareness and the increasingly perfect environmental protection laws and regulations, as an environment-friendly water-based coating, it has significant advantages such as low VOCs content and little damage to the environment and human body, so water-based coating continues to heat up in China. Many construction machinery enterprises have also begun to try water-based coating, and have taken water-based coating as the future development direction. However, in the construction machinery coating market, solvent based coatings still occupy a dominant position

under the increasingly strict requirements of environmental protection regulations, water-based coatings that can reduce VOCs emissions have developed rapidly, and oil recession and water inflow have become an important direction of the current development of construction machinery coating. As one of the environment-friendly coatings, the application technology of water-based coatings in the field of engineering machinery uploaded to the upper computer is also becoming more and more mature. Taking a paver enterprise as an example, they took the lead and set off a storm of green coating for pavers, becoming one of the few enterprises that need to review whether there is iron filings in the field of machinery that use water-based coatings

according to the technician of the enterprise, the coating of the paver should meet the following requirements: weather resistance of 1000~2000h, salt spray resistance of 500h, diesel oil resistance of 500h, moisture and heat resistance of 720h, heat resistance of 24h, and the thickness of the paint film is greater than 120jimo. Currently, the water-based coating is used, and most of his experimental machines are technology intensive high-tech products integrating machine light electricity liquid. All the indicators of the coating of the paver basically meet the coating requirements

after determining that the performance of the water-based coating can meet the coating needs of construction machinery, how to successfully paint the water-based coating on the paver is still a difficulty in front of them. As we all know, water-based coating is greatly affected by the environment. It is understood that the ambient temperature of water-based coating construction is generally controlled between 5~35 ℃, and attention should be paid to ventilation and dust prevention. In order to ensure that water-based coatings can be better applied to the coating of construction machinery, we have looked through the temperature and humidity conditions for many years, The technician also introduced: "Closed coating is adopted. On the premise of controlling the humidity of the spraying room, the number of days that are not suitable for coating in northern cities throughout the year is no more than 20 days. We have not only realized the full sealing of the coating process of the paver, but also realized the full environmental protection of tail gas treatment. It is reported that the whole coating process is carried out under micro negative pressure. The tail gas is catalytically burned after three-stage filtration, and then discharged, so as to protect the environment to the greatest extent. After solving the environmental impact on the environment After the bondage of water-based coatings, we began to design the coating production line, which includes four functional areas: cleaning, correction and grinding, spraying and finishing. After many investigations, demonstrations and tests, last year, their paver finish was switched from traditional solvent based paint to water-based paint

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