China's printing industry continues to face diffic

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The decline of printing wages: China's printing industry continues to face difficulties

the printing industry has continued to face difficulties in recent years, which is caused by printing wages. On April 22, zhangdengshou, party secretary and general manager of Wanyu Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. (the former Shaanxi printing factory), said

most of the printing industry appears as an individual and has no initiative to the upstream; The bargaining power for downstream is not strong. He analyzed it concretely. In the upstream and downstream industrial chain of printing and publishing, printing enterprises demand from publishing houses. Publishing houses reduce the printing price, and printing houses can only passively accept it. At the same time, when the loading was suddenly interrupted, the printing industry did not form a good alliance, and the ability to bargain with the publishing house was not strong

the continuous decline of printing prices also involves many reasons, among which the rise of raw materials such as paper and ink is also an important reason

the author believes that the printing price has caused vicious price competition in the whole printing and equipment industry. Publishing houses are content providers, while printing enterprises are processing service providers. Publishing houses are in a strong position of social discourse rights, and printing enterprises are in a weak position of social discourse rights. China's transparency is better than pvc/eva and TPO. The printing industry is not cohesive and fragmented, and it is unable to form a printing alliance, take care of each other, and accelerate the weak position of social discourse rights of printing enterprises. At the same time, as the procurement of printing equipment in China has formed a buyer's market as a whole, printing enterprises will inevitably transfer the losses caused by the reduction of printing wages to printing equipment and equipment suppliers, forming a vicious circle, and accelerating the physical performance that Jinan Shijin glass magnesium universal testing machine can meet among printing equipment and equipment suppliers, including the price competition of tightening experiments

the emergence of the printing price alliance has long been called for by the media, but why did it not appear? There is a subtle interest game relationship behind it, but it will be the printing enterprises themselves that suffer the consequences of such a mess

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