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Jimei sanitary ware's patented new products came on stage to lead the industry's health storm Jiang Wei

recently, Jimei sanitary ware held the 2009 market strategy and new product launch, at which Jimei showed the latest patented product - disinfection bathroom cabinet. Unique creativity is bound to set off a storm of health and environmental protection in the sanitary industry. In this special interview, Jiang Wei, the domestic marketing director of Jimei sanitary ware, will introduce this latest national patented product of Jimei in detail

Jiangwei, domestic marketing director of Jimei sanitary ware

() recently, Jimei sanitary ware held the 2009 market strategy and new product launch, at which Jimei showed the latest patented product - disinfection bathroom cabinet. How did Jimei bathroom think of the combination of disinfection cabinet and bathroom cabinet? Can you share the production process of Jimei disinfection bathroom cabinet

(Jiang Wei) well, disinfection bathroom cabinet is another national patented product of Jimei after the integrated toilet, and it is another masterpiece of Jimei under the new market and brand strategy

from a macro point of view, the current environmental pollution in the global market is very serious. From a micro point of view, in the living habits of domestic people, there is basically a phenomenon of secondary pollution for this personal product, such as towels. Then, the main purpose of our product is very clear. We want to bring health to the sanitary environment of physical experiments, teaching research, quality control and other indispensable testing equipment for consumers. The second is to bring unparalleled convenience to consumers with technology

the production of Jimei disinfection bathroom cabinet confirms Jimei bathroom's commitment to how to choose test machine customers. This commitment is two very simple words, "clean" and "convenient". Behind these simple words, it confirms Jimei's efforts. In all parts of the world, the style of sanitary products is always changing, but the requirements for experience are higher and higher. Sanitary products that are healthy, clean, comfortable and convenient are the most favored

Jimei keeps an eye on the general trend of sanitary ware in the world, integrates the concept of science and technology and health into the design concept, and makes good sanitary products an indispensable part of healthy life. Clean bathroom environment brings health, and technology brings unparalleled convenience. Jimei's disinfection bathroom cabinet is developed based on such a core design concept, aiming at the disadvantages that ordinary bathroom cabinets in the market are easy to get damp and moldy, and strives to bring consumers a healthy and safe bathroom environment. The structure is scientific and reasonable, which can disinfect and sterilize stored items, overcome the defects of existing technology, and the use effect is stable and reliable It is easy to make and popularize

() about the new products, can you introduce the characteristics of Jimei bathroom disinfection cabinet products? In particular, "energy conservation and environmental protection", "function", "humanization" and "safety"

(Jiang Wei) first of all, the bathroom disinfection cabinet has the function of ozone + high temperature dual sterilization and antivirus, which makes the bathroom space of consumers healthier.

the main cabinet of Jimei disinfection bathroom cabinet is equipped with a high-grade disinfection cabinet inner tank, equipped with an ozone generator and a high-temperature heater, which can simultaneously produce high temperature and ozone, and can use the strong oxidation of ozone to kill pathogens sensitive to high temperature and ozone, So as to produce better sterilization and disinfection effect; Ozone + high temperature double sterilization and disinfection make sterilization and disinfection more thorough, in line with international standards, and reach the two-star disinfection standard, that is, the highest standard of disinfection cabinet, which can effectively sterilize and disinfect. Keeping the most private space in life away from the invasion of viruses is the greatest benefit brought by Jimei to consumers

secondly, the main cabinet is equipped with an ultra large stainless steel liner and a special stainless steel pull-down basket design, which is clean, hygienic, rust free and odorless; Humanized pull-down basket design makes cleaning more convenient; Three section ball guide rail is used, which is easy to disassemble and maintain, and is convenient for internal cleaning of sterilization cabinet. The humanized design concept reflects the considerate and considerate of Jimei to end consumers everywhere

technology and environment can also be used as flux, welding agent, dehumidifier and catalyst and reaction aid for some chemical reactions. It is a sign of the progress of modern society. Jimei integrates modern intelligent technology into life and advocates the concept of intelligent life from the perspective of consumers. Our disinfection bathroom cabinet is controlled by microcomputer with LCD liquid crystal control panel and inductive keys, which is convenient to operate; The noble VFD screen, with clear working state and clock function, makes the trend technology within reach, and really allows consumers to share the achievements of scientific and technological progress. The rated working voltage of the disinfection bathroom cabinet is AC 220V 50Hz, and the maximum output power is 200W. It is environment-friendly and energy-saving, and brings the greatest convenience to consumers in the most economical way.

Jimei's disinfection bathroom cabinet also has a built-in door control switch protection function to ensure that the generation of ozone automatically stops when the door is opened, so as to prevent misoperation from causing ozone leakage to harm the human body. The tempered coated glass on the cabinet door can also effectively prevent ozone from harming human health. Layer by layer protection is only for the health and safety of consumers, making the bathroom space cleaner and safer.

() in the design appearance of the product, we noticed that Jimei installed this disinfection cabinet in the bathroom, so in the design of the product appearance, generally speaking, for ideal ophthalmic materials, it is required to have stable physical and chemical properties, good biocompatibility, no antigenicity, no crowding out reaction, good tissue tolerance, no irritation There is no discomfort when implanted into the eye. How to consider that it should have their own suitable characteristics for different uses to highlight the "fashion"?

(Jiang Wei) why do you have to install this disinfection cabinet in the bathroom. Ordinary existing disinfection cabinets used in daily homes are only suitable for disinfecting bowls and chopsticks. Jimei's disinfection bathroom cabinet can disinfect private products, including daily personal belongings, through its own internal research and development and design, including internal control standards. The whole product design is integrated with a modern metal sense, which is very avant-garde, reflecting the "fashion" of "inspiration water fashion". With the inspiration of our Jimei enterprise and the inspiration of designers, With the positioning of the whole product, the positioning of this product is realized

in appearance, the cabinet is made of imported high-grade oak. The wood is compact and waterproof. Even if it is soaked in water, it will not corrode. It is the best waterproof wood product; Novel aluminum alloy wire drawing handle, comfortable to handle, open and grasp in place; The ceramic basin adopts super bright glaze, which is not only bright in color, but also free from dirt and easy to clean and take care of. Every detail design is the best gift given by Jimei to consumers and the design essence of Jimei designers

we pursue humanized detail design, but we also pursue the consistency of the overall bathroom space. The best overall size of the overall appearance is suitable for all kinds of collocations. The complete bathroom cabinet is completely matched, fashionable, simple, harmonious, lively and concise, which makes the product noble and elegant, brings relaxed and comfortable mood to consumers, and sublimates life at the same time

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