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Patent anti-counterfeiting bottle caps sell well in the market

Ganyu bottle cap factory in Jiangsu province adopts anti-counterfeiting patent technology, and the bottle cap products sell well and are welcomed by many wineries and beverage enterprises

a few years ago, in the face of the fierce competition in the bottle cap Market, Xu Jinyong, the director of Ganyu bottle cap factory, visited some large bottle cap production enterprises for many times and found that the bottle caps with anti-counterfeiting function of these large enterprises are very popular. 1. It is a new driving mechanism for innovation and research and development of new plastic materials and new processing technology. Based on its own conditions, the factory began to develop the production technology of 142 major projects using financial green manufacturing special support for anti-counterfeiting bottle caps. After many explorations, the factory only learned about each part in January, and produced the first batch of integral anti-counterfeiting bottle caps in early 1998, and obtained the patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. Today, this anti-counterfeiting bottle cap has become a special bottle cap for Shuanggou Sanxing Daqu liquor, with an annual supply of more than 2million

after overcoming the production problems of overall anti-counterfeiting bottle caps, Ganyu bottle cap factory has solved the technical problems of appearance anti-counterfeiting bottle caps production, and has successively obtained 8 anti-counterfeiting patents for bottle caps. At present, the factory has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with dozens of well-known distilleries in China, such as Yanghe distillery, Jingzhi distillery and Shuanggou distillery, with an annual output of more than 13 million anti-counterfeiting bottle caps. Not long ago, they have sent 240000 anti-counterfeit bottle caps to South Korea

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