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2012 wooden door most valuable brand list released

thinking, planning, stubbornness and tenacity are essential qualities for a value brand. Thinking shows the brand's sense of hardship, plans to show the brand's broad vision, stubbornly emphasizes the brand's adherence, and stubbornly reflects the brand's spirit. The fourth China building materials merchants' conference 2012 - the national building materials general evaluation list adheres to the value evaluation of 3.15, the fundamental purpose of faith and Zhiyuan, the overall perspective of scientific development, and the br4 authority of national brands. It should start from everyone, go through the waves, precipitate value brands, and recommend safe and assured consumer brands to consumers, The list is published as follows:

wood door industry:

Wujiang Jinfeng wood door factory Jinfeng wood door

Guangdong Runcheng Chuangzhan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Runcheng Chuangzhan

Zhejiang Mengtian Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Mengtian wood door

Jiangsu heyamu vigorously develops circular economy Door Co., Ltd. Shengxiang Heya

Huahe wooden door of Huahe Group Co., Ltd.

Shengyou wooden door of Dalian Shengyou door industry Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Fuxing door industry (Group) Ltd. Taijia wooden door

Beijing model Weiye home furnishing Chain Co., Ltd. model wooden door

Caesar Dadi Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Caesar Dadi

Chengdu QianChuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. QianChuan wooden door

Liaoning Saisi Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Saisi wooden door

Beijing Boliang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Boliang wooden door

Foshan Nanhai Luolan household products Co., Ltd. Luolan wooden door

Beijing Runcheng Chuangzhan Wood Industry Co., Ltd Baide wooden door

Dongguan Hongli Wood Products Factory Co., Ltd. dongweili

Chengde Huayu Furniture Co., Ltd. Huayu wooden door

Shanxi Taiheng Technology Co., Ltd. Taiheng wooden door

Beijing Yicheng Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Fenxiang wooden door

Spring Group Co., Ltd. spring

Beijing Shouhua Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Shouhua

Dunhua Dafu door industry Co., Ltd. fuyingmen

Qitaihe Shuangye Furniture Industry Co., Ltd.The Ye

Beijing Quanfu Wood Products Co., Ltd. Quanfu

Guangzhou lanbai Wood Industry Co., Ltd. 3D wooden door

Beijing Hexi construction complete wood System Co., Ltd. Hexi

Liaoning Hansen Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Hansen

(source of this article: Jiuzheng building materials)

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