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Korean fashion investment and financing institutions continue to strengthen their penetration into the energy storage industry. Most of the brands are "lost in the Chinese market"

China's clothing market is huge, and Korean clothing enterprises entered on a large scale a few years ago, but many Korean enterprises did not achieve the expected benefits in China. After the waves washed away, Korean garment enterprises left only some powerful brands, which expanded rapidly in the Chinese market

according to the report of Korea Times on September 1, the scale of China's clothing market has tripled in the past 10 years, and has become the world's largest and most important three markets with Europe and the United States

therefore, it is not surprising that Korean fashion enterprises have penetrated into the Chinese market in the past 10 years. However, due to the lack of long-term strategy and insufficient understanding of Chinese culture, most of these Korean enterprises entering the Chinese market have failed

Jessinewyork and lgfashion are a few Korean enterprises that have achieved success in the Chinese market. Their success is attributed to localization strategy and brand differentiation

jessinewyork, a women's casual wear brand, was launched in 1998 and began to contact the Chinese market in 2005

Jessinewyork said that the company has established factories and R & D centers specifically for the Chinese market in order to better understand this market. Since 2009, jessinewyork has been expanding its distribution channels, laying the foundation for future business expansion. At present, jessinewyork is mainly sold in department stores in China. Jessinewyork can be seen in more than 40 high-end shopping malls in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Tianjin

industry experts said that jessinewyork's success was mainly due to its localization strategy. It belongs to a large group in South Korea, so it has strong financial strength, but it spent a lot of time planning and investing carefully

at present, jessinewyork (China) has 120 employees, about 80% of whom are Chinese. Jessinewyork plans to open more than 60 stores in China

hazys, a subsidiary of lgfashion, is one of the three major leisure clothing brands in South Korea. In 2007, hazys entered the Chinese market. Since then, its sales volume has increased by 100%, and it has opened 150 stores in China

lgfashion has many brands, such as Lafuma and tngt. In addition to operating in the Chinese market, 2. What are the characteristics of cement pressure testing machine? In addition, it has also expanded its business to other countries and regions in Asia. For example, hazys opened a store in Taiwan last May, becoming the first Korean brand to open a store in Taiwan with environmental protection indicators better than the national emission standards. Recently, hazys also signed a cooperation agreement with Thai distributors

Koobon keul, President of lgfashion, said: we are committed to building hazys into a world-renowned brand, not only in China and Southeast Asia, but also globally

I learned that Korean fashion has a unique style, integrating the traditional Korean style and modern design style. Korean clothing has many fans in Chinese consumption, and even some Chinese manufacturers imitate Korean style to make their own clothing. Among Chinese young people, there has been a wave of Kazakhstan and South Korea, and we can all feel the trend. Korean clothing once sold very well

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