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Most people are optimistic about the prospects of China's tire exports

the United States and the European Union have always been the two major markets for China's tire exports. It is undoubtedly good news that the "special warranty case for tires exported to the United States" will expire in September this year, but at the same time, the EU labeling law will be officially implemented on November 1 this year. Therefore, China's tire exports will still face many uncertainties in the future. A few days ago, the tire world randomly selected three joints from each batch to conduct a questionnaire survey on this related issue, and the survey results as of September 3 were counted

the results of this survey show that most people who participated in the voting are optimistic about the prospects of China's tire exports

how will China's tire export situation change in the future? 56% of the voters believed that as Chinese tire enterprises gradually explore the international market, there will be more and more new markets for their exports; While 40% of the voters believed that the trade barriers faced by exports would increase day by day, resulting in a decline in export volume; In addition, another 4% believed that the general environment of China's export market would not change in the short term, and the overall situation tended to remain the same

in the past few years, the "special warranty case of tires exported to the United States" has affected the export of Chinese tires to a certain extent. Is the upcoming "tire Labeling Law" of the European Union also specifically aimed at Chinese products? 67% of the voters gave a negative answer. They believe that raising the environmental protection and technical threshold is a global trend, and the "tire Labeling Law" is also a reflection of this trend; Of course, A. manual hydraulic universal testing machine; Tight use of easy and high-pressure oil source as the power source, 25% of voters believe that all countries are now setting up barriers against Chinese products, and the EU's "tire Labeling Law" is no exception

as for how China's tire industry should avoid various trade barriers, 46% of voters believed that improving the product level was fundamental; Another 42% of 1 There are impurities in the oil filled in the rubber material universal testing machine. These impurities enter the oil cylinder and wear the surface of the oil cylinder and the oil plug, and the gap increases, or the gap is already large due to poor processing accuracy, resulting in oil leakage. In such cases, it is necessary to use oil with high viscosity. If the pressure continues due to oil leakage, Zui can replace the new oil cylinder. Voters believe that it is also a good choice to seek overseas factory construction; 13% of voters prefer that the government should strengthen policy guidance. Voters, without exception, do not believe that price advantage can become a means to circumvent international barriers

according to the analysis, on the whole, the main opinions of the voters are: with the increase of new export markets, China's tire exports tend to be more prosperous in the future; The introduction of the European "tire Labeling Law" is not only aimed at China. Raising the environmental protection and technical threshold has become a global trend. Standardized operation is conducive to the improvement of product quality; When avoiding international trade barriers, adhering to price advantage is not a good method, and improving product level or seeking overseas factory construction may be a better "way out"

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