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The 10 most suitable marketing strategies for China

this is a strategy that has been verified by 500 enterprises, and it is also the experience of many salespeople who have experienced twists and turns through thousands of mountains and rivers. Among them, there are not only the basic methods of marketing, but also the special treatment of Chinese consumers. The following will briefly analyze the most suitable marketing strategies in China

first, efficacy first strategy: among Chinese people's purchase motives, the first one is "realistic" motivation. If any marketing wants to succeed, the first thing is to have a product with good effect. Therefore, the first strategy of marketing is the efficiency first strategy, that is, the efficiency of products should be regarded as the first factor affecting the marketing effect, and the quality and efficiency optimization of products should be given priority

second, price crowd strategy: the positioning of price insurance return is also an important factor affecting the success or failure of marketing. For Chinese consumers who are very realistic and honest, the price level directly affects their purchase behavior. The so-called popular, first, the price of the product should be recognized by the consumer group that the product is targeted; Second, the value of products should be equal to the price of many products of the same type; Third, after determining the sales price, the profit margin should be equivalent to that of many operators operating similar products

III. brand promotion strategy: the so-called brand promotion strategy is a strategy to improve and enhance the factors that affect the brand, and improve brand awareness and reputation through various forms of publicity. Improving the brand requires both quantity and quality. Seeking quantity means constantly expanding popularity and seeking quality, that is, constantly improving reputation

fourth, stimulate the source strategy: the so-called stimulate the source strategy is to regard consumers as the source of marketing, and constantly stimulate consumers' purchase needs and desires through marketing activities, so as to realize the strategy of serving consumers to the greatest extent

v. practice speaking strategy: practice speaking strategy is a strategy that uses the fact that real people use a certain product to produce good results as a case, and spreads it to other consumers through publicity means to stimulate consumers' purchase desire. Usually, the form of using the strategy of speaking by oneself includes tabloids, promotional activities, case TV topics, etc

VI. media mix strategy: the media mix strategy is to use all kinds of advertising media promoting the brand in a reasonable proportion, stimulate consumers' desire to buy, and establish and enhance the brand image

VII. Single appeal strategy: the single appeal strategy is to select the right consumer group according to the efficacy characteristics of the product, and accurately put forward the appeal points that can best reflect the efficacy of the product and satisfy consumers

VIII. Terminal packaging strategy: the so-called terminal packaging is to carry out various forms of publicity in the place of direct transactions with consumers according to the performance and efficacy of products. The main forms of terminal packaging: first, post posters introducing products or brands on the terminal; Second, pull up banners advertising the efficacy of products at the terminal; Third, hang the storefront board or front light box and billboard with brand mark on the terminal; Fourth, carry out emotional communication with the terminal salesperson, affect the salesperson, and improve the salesperson's degree of publicity, introduction and recommendation of products. The survey shows that 20% of health care product buyers need to consult the salesperson

IX. network organization strategy: to organize a moderate and stable marketing team, the best way is to establish a marketing network of plastic wood composites, mainly using plastics (polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and their recycled waste plastics) as raw materials. Network organization strategy is to establish stable and orderly mutually supportive and coordinated marketing organizations at all levels according to the regional scope of marketing

X. dynamic marketing strategy: the so-called dynamic marketing strategy is that the operating procedures of mortar tensile testing machine should constantly adjust the marketing according to the changes of various elements in the market. We should try to make the longitudinal symmetry plane of the instrument and the axis of the sample in the same plane, improve the marketing measures, and make the marketing activities dynamically adapt to market changes. The core of dynamic marketing strategy is to grasp the changes of various factors in the market, and to grasp the changes of various factors, we need to conduct research. (end)

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