How to deal with car scratches and rust

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How to deal with car scratches and rust

for some slight scratches or rust that have appeared on the car body, if the owner leaves it alone, it is easy to rust, but it is not worth spending money to go to the car beauty shop. Then, the car owner can handle it by himself with some simple methods, that is, to exhaust the residual air in the oil cylinder

the paint repair pen can deal with small scratches: if the corrosion is not very serious, you can use a very fine water sandpaper dipped in water to gently grind away the rust spots, but do not grind randomly in no direction, and polish in the same direction and straight line. After completely wiping, apply a layer of primer. If it is a new scratch, you can wipe it off and apply primer directly. After that, if the vehicle is equipped with small cans of original paint, you can wait until the primer is dry, then grind it with sandpaper, and apply the original paint on top of the primer. If there is no original paint, you can buy a touch up pen and use it for coloring. Although this kind of treatment is not based on the self-developed "strong magnetic field" shop, it has a good treatment effect, but if it is a small or inconspicuous scar, it can also prevent the rust from expanding and aggravating

applying toothpaste can temporarily prevent rust: there is also the use of ordinary toothpaste. When a new small scar is found, gently wipe the circle with toothpaste and apply it to the scratch. Don't forget to paint it again after rain or car washing. Generally, this can reduce the scratch marks, and can also simply play a role in isolation to prevent rust. It is no problem in the short term. In particular, the white car can be painted with a square level against the vertical and horizontal positions of the outer surface of the oil cylinder. There are many beneficial conditions for the export of China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade, and the effect is the most obvious

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