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How to deal with the potential safety hazards of paper packaging factories

in recent years, paper packaging factories have become the hardest hit by fire. One after another, reports of fires caused by various reasons are frightening. Carton packaging factories produce inflammables, especially in the dry season in autumn. Therefore, it is particularly important to investigate and prevent potential safety hazards

1. Strengthen safety management, eliminate unsafe factors, and control unsafe behaviors

among the causes of various safety accidents in the carton industry, unsafe behaviors of people and unsafe factors of objects are the direct causes of accidents. For example, there is no protective device for the transmission part, the plastic shell of the electrical plug is damaged, the power line is aging, there are exposed joints, the paper is not selected, the appropriate gear is selected, and it is operated by hand with a lifting rod, etc. To put an end to accidents, the fundamental measures can only be to eliminate potential risk factors and prevent people from making wrong judgments and wrong operations

there must be dangerous behaviors and dangerous factors before the accident. In principle, as long as each employee knows and stops the occurrence of dangerous behaviors or controls the conditions for the transformation of dangerous factors into accidents, the accident can be completely avoided. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen safety management. Good safety management will reduce unsafe conditions and unsafe behaviors. On the contrary, it will increase unsafe thoughts and unsafe behaviors, and increase the probability of safety accidents

2. Strictly control the selection and allocation of personnel, improve the safety quality of employees, and standardize the safety behavior of employees

although the entry threshold of the carton manufacturing industry is relatively low compared with the electronic industry, it does not mean that the quality requirements of employees can be reduced, especially in recent years, microelectronics technology, automatic control technology, sensor technology, computer technology have been widely used in carton production equipment, and the automation degree of equipment is getting higher and higher, This requires employees not only to master the operation technology of the equipment, but also to be familiar with various safe operation essentials. This puts forward new requirements for the employment principle of our industry: strictly control the selection and allocation of personnel. This mainly includes two aspects: first, the newly selected personnel should ensure that they meet the safety requirements, especially for positions with high risk value, they must select appropriate employees in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant safety regulations; Second, the dynamic assessment of on-the-job employees. For those employees who are no longer qualified for the operation of their posts due to physiological and psychological changes, they should be adjusted and reconfigured in time

improving the safety quality of employees is the fundamental to prevent industrial accidents. The connotation of employees' safety quality is very rich, mainly including: safety awareness, legal concept, safety skill knowledge, cultural knowledge structure, psychological adaptability, psychological endurance adaptability and behavior norm restraint ability. At present, the training and education of most carton enterprises in this regard are still in place. In the establishment and management of personnel safety information system, such as employees' safety psychological characteristics, physiological conditions, physical examination records, types of work, violation records, safety assessment and other information, it is urgent to improve and strengthen

standardizing the safety behavior of employees is a difficulty in the safety management of the whole carton industry. The research of the British Department of health and safety shows that although the corrugated box factory has relevant safety operation procedures and operation instructions, Shanyu failed to comply with and adopt them in cattle production, 80% of the avoidable safety accidents in reality still occurred. The proportion of domestic carton industry in this regard is even higher. At present, the main countermeasures are: psychological adjustment, incentive measures, disciplinary measures, organization and management measures, enterprise safety culture construction, etc

3. According to the characteristics of the carton industry, formulate practical and feasible safety precautions for unqualified products that are absolutely not allowed to leave the factory.

for carton production equipment, the following precautions must be taken:

each time you start the machine, you must first press the bell and get the response of other operators of the machine before starting it. If you don't start the car after pressing the bell, you should press the bell again after a period of time, and then run it after confirming that it is safe

the safety device on the equipment should be sensitive and reliable at all times. It should not be removed without authorization or adjusted manually to make the safety device ineffective. If it is damaged, it should be repaired in time

electrical control cabinets, electrical devices and electrical components should be kept clean, and components should be regularly checked for looseness and aging, and hidden dangers should be eliminated in time; The power supply must be cut off during commissioning and maintenance

the equipment shall be protected in six ways, that is, there must be a cover for the wheel, a sleeve for the shaft, a fence for the table, a cover for the hole, a baffle for the rolling point, and an interlock for the special danger

remove the sticky paper on the pressure roll or wipe the machine after shutdown

when changing and washing ink, do not touch the rotating part of the machine with your hand, and do not wipe the stains on the ink roller with a rag

turn off the starting power and remind the surrounding personnel to start the machine when adjusting the knife and branching

operators feeding paper at the inlet of the dryer are not allowed to touch the belt to prevent crushing

for pressure vessels such as boilers and preheating cylinders, regular maintenance and inspection must be strengthened. It should be done:

always keep the safety valve clean to prevent the valve body spring from being stuck or corroded by dirt, and prevent the exhaust pipe of the safety valve from being blocked by foreign matters. Manual discharge tests should be carried out on the safety valve regularly and the safety valve should be sent for inspection regularly

frequent structural and phased excess capacity is a concentrated reflection of the unfair product structure of the plastic processing industry. Check whether the rotation and fluctuation of the pointer of the pressure gauge are normal; Check the connecting pipe of the pressure gauge for water and steam leakage. The pressure gauge shall be submitted for inspection regularly

always keep the water level gauge clean and bright, so that the operating staff can clearly observe the water level displayed; The steam and water cocks and drain cocks of the water level gauge shall be tight

according to the regulations and standards, the national statutory monitoring department shall carry out necessary inspections and tests on the safety status of the boiler in use, including external inspection, internal inspection and hydrostatic test, so as to find and eliminate the hidden dangers of equipment defects in time, so as to avoid accidents during the operation of the boiler

the preheating cylinder shall be regularly monitored by the national statutory monitoring department, including the structure, geometric dimensions and welds, such as the maximum diagonal misalignment of longitudinal/circumferential welds, the maximum angularity of longitudinal/circumferential welds, etc. In terms of appearance inspection, attention should be paid to whether the body and weld have cracks, overheating, deformation, leakage and other phenomena, as well as whether the internal and external surfaces have corrosion, mechanical damage and other phenomena

according to China packaging, in recent years, in order to prevent various safety accidents, carton manufacturing enterprises have introduced various advanced management modes, such as occupational health and safety management system, TPM, 6S, etc., formulated various safety operation procedures, carried out safety education, carried out safety inspection, prepared safety measures, management plans, etc., with the basic purpose of correcting people's unsafe behaviors and eliminating the unsafe state of things. In most cases, the bridge that constitutes the accident is caused by human unsafe behavior and poor management. The four factors of human, material, environment and management are related, just like the four sides of a square, one side changes, and the other three sides also change. The other three sides are decided by people! Therefore, strengthening the safety management of employees is of great significance for the carton industry to prevent safety accidents and ensure safe production

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