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How to deal with the plastic bottle after use

in life, everyone will use plastic bottled products/daily necessities, mineral water, beverages and so on. After use, we will directly throw them into the garbage can, but there is no guarantee that the discarded plastic bottles will be recycled and * reprocessed and regenerated. What should be done * is appropriate

in order to protect the environment, we will try our best not to litter, especially plastic products and plastic bottles

1. The innovation of new chemical materials focuses on the core technology. The used plastic bottles can be thrown into the place with professional recycling, which can also be regarded as making the best use of everything

2. Plastic bottles can also be used by themselves, such as packing washing powder or planting flowers

3. If you are interested in building, you can use plastic bottles to call soil and build walls

many plastics can be reused, but on the premise of not affecting health, or plastic bottles can be regenerated by professional manufacturers to temporarily stabilize the original price of plastics, that is, recycled plastics

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