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How can turbine oil be customized to directly hit the pain points of phosphorus chemical enterprises

directly hit the pain point of phosphorus chemical enterprises, how can turbine oil be customized

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phosphorus resources are important strategic resources in Guizhou Province, and phosphorus and phosphorus chemical industry are the key development industries in Guizhou Province. Recently, the 2019 Great Wall lubricants and Guizhou phosphorous chemical industry cluster customer lubrication technology seminar was held. Personnel from the synthetic oil branch of Sinopec lubricants Co., Ltd., Guizhou sales representative office and southwest technical support center systematically explained the development history of the Great Wall brand, the lubrication performance requirements of key equipment in the phosphorous chemical industry and the development trend of oil use with real performance data of great wall oil and rich application cases of great wall oil, "Dry goods" such as the precautions and requirements for the maintenance of phosphate mine equipment and heavy truck vehicles, and the significance of lubrication management. They also specially customized lubrication solutions for phosphorus chemical enterprises in Fuquan area, shared key product performance and application examples, and provided constructive suggestions on how to reduce the comprehensive lubrication cost for the replacement and localization of imported grease in phosphorus chemical enterprises

join hands with industry leaders to share cutting-edge lubrication technology

after years of development, Guizhou Wengfu group and kaiphosphorus group have become leading backbone enterprises with strong influence and competitiveness in China's phosphorus chemical industry. The product scale and quality, technical equipment, research and development capacity and the comprehensive utilization level of phosphogypsum resources are all in the forefront of the country, and some key technologies are in the forefront of the world

at the meeting, guests from participating units also discussed and exchanged: Mu Shihong, an engineer from Guizhou Tianfu chemical company, shared the application of Great Wall grease in synthetic ammonia plant, and Liu Yuejin, an engineer from Wengfu chemical company, also shared equipment lubrication management experience and the use of Great Wall grease in phosphate and compound fertilizer production equipment. During the nearly four hour meeting, opinions and questions were constantly interspersed, and everyone interacted and exchanged. Phosphorus chemical enterprises from Guizhou Province, such as Wengfu (Group) Co., Ltd. energy equipment department, equipment assurance department, supply company, Guizhou Hongfu Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Wengfu chemical, Guizhou Tianfu chemical, Wengfu Lantian fluorochemical Co., Ltd., and Witton (China) Chemical Co., Ltd, The Wengfu Phosphate Mine Project Department of Fuquan branch of China Water eighth Engineering Bureau, Guizhou Fengmao Transportation Co., Ltd., Hongji Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and other construction enterprises have a total of 21 units, and more than 40 equipment and technical managers have fully felt the brand advantages of Great Wall lubricants, from the technical level, product quality to the strength of industrial and mining equipment application

Mu Shihong, engineer of Guizhou Tianfu chemical company, mentioned in his speech that the company is very sincere to its customers after a long talk about the development achievements of Yulian group. Great Wall company regularly tracks the analysis and monitoring data of the oil used in the four units of its ammonia plant and the steam turbine unit equipment in the thermal power plant every year. Tianfu chemical also analyzes and monitors the viscosity, moisture, acid value, flash point, demulsibility and other indicators of the steam turbine oil used in each equipment every month, To maintain and manage the normal operation of the equipment, and replace or supplement new oil in time. "It has been nearly ten years since the installation and use of the steam turbine of one unit. Usually, there is only a small amount of supplement, which shows the excellent product quality of Great Wall lubricating oil."

engineer Liu Yuejin of Wengfu chemical company shared that his company belongs to the downstream production of phosphorus compound fertilizer products in the phosphorus chemical industry, and the production equipment especially needs to be able to adapt to harsh working conditions and have high cost-effective lubricating oil to maintain and maintain the equipment. "Great Wall lubricating oil can fully meet the lubrication needs of equipment. It can not only provide high-quality lubrication quality, but also reduce costs and increase efficiency." For example, Wengfu chemical company and Sinopec lubricating oil company have carried out friendly cooperation. Great Wall series lubricating oil products have been widely used in their company. After years of use, Great Wall lubricating oil products have stable performance and meet the requirements of equipment for lubrication. "Great Wall l-tsa46 steam turbine oil is mainly used in the lubrication system of four large steam turbine units of thermal power plants and air fans of sulfuric acid plants. The steam turbine oil has been used in our company's steam turbine units for a long time and has stable performance. The steam turbine oil has strong oxidation resistance, long oil change period and long service life." Engineer Liu introduced that great wall turbine oil used a large amount of oil on its turbine units, and adopted the oil change mode of large units according to quality, with regular sampling and analysis. "Great Wall lubricating oil company provides free oil sample testing services, and also provides suggestions on the use of lubricating oil, which benefits us a lot."

through this lubrication technology seminar, Great Wall lubricants company has strengthened the exchange with phosphorus chemical industry cluster customers in Guizhou, which is more conducive to improving the popularity of Great Wall lubricants in phosphorus chemical enterprises. Through years of expansion in Guizhou market, Great Wall lubricants has laid the foundation for long-term strategic cooperation with Guizhou phosphorus chemical industry, created value for enterprises, reduced costs, achieved win-win cooperation, and become the main supplier of lubricants in Guizhou phosphorus chemical industry

Encyclopedia of oil

what is turbine oil

turbine oil is commonly known as turbine oil. Turbine is the English translation of the word turbine. The name in the national standard GB is turbine oil, including turbine oil used in steam turbines, water turbines, gas turbines and gas steam combined cycle turbines with public lubrication systems. Simple and cheap processes such as turbine drives, which are also suitable for other industrial or marine applications, are expected to overcome the current high cost of turbine oil that restricts the use of lubricating systems for moving devices. L-TSA refers to steam turbine oil and l-tga refers to gas turbine oil

l-tsa turbine oil is mainly used for lubrication of sliding bearings, reduction gears, governors and hydraulic control systems of steam turbines and associated units. The main functions of turbine oil are lubrication, cooling and speed regulation, and can reshape the system

(1) lubrication. Turbine oil forms a fluid lubrication film between the journal and bearing bush of the sliding bearing of the turbine unit and various supporting bearings and thrust bearings in the industrial turbine, which plays a lubricating role, reduces the wear of various components and reduces the power loss caused by friction, and has guaranteed the normal operation of the friction pairs in the turbine unit and industrial turbine unit

(2) cooling effect. During the high-speed operation of turbines and industrial turbine units, a large amount of heat energy generated by the friction in the bearing is taken away by the lubricating oil circulating continuously in the oil circuit system. These heat energy are mainly generated by the friction heat between the contact surfaces

(3) speed regulation. Turbine oil used in turbine speed regulation system can transmit pressure as hydraulic medium

how to choose turbine oil

turbine oil is mainly used as the lubricating oil for the main shaft of the main and auxiliary machines of the turbine. As the steam temperature and working pressure of the steam turbine continue to increase, the installed capacity continues to increase, making the oil temperature in the steam turbine higher and higher; In industrial turbine equipment, the operating environment of oil is more demanding, so the requirements for oil are higher

1. Turbine oil is generally selected according to turbine type, operating conditions, long service life and manufacturer's requirements

2. According to the type of turbine: steam turbine and low-temperature gas turbine, L-TSA turbine oil and l-tga turbine oil can be selected; Extreme pressure turbine oil shall be selected for those with gear connection load

3. Long oil change period is required, and long-life turbine oil with more prominent oxidation stability is selected

4. Select turbine oil with good thermal and oxidation stability in high temperature operation environment

5 When ammonia compressor and steam turbine share a lubricating oil system, Ammonia Resistant turbine oil should be selected. How to maintain turbine oil

turbine oil is a kind of oil with high requirements for storage and transportation. The invasion of moisture, impurities and surfactant will affect the performance of oil such as demulsibility, air release and cleanliness. Therefore, special measures need to be taken in the maintenance process. The maintenance standard can be implemented in accordance with gb/t guide for maintenance and management of mineral turbine oil for power plants

1. The lubrication pipeline and oil tank must be cleaned before refueling or oil change after refueling of new equipment or maintenance of old machine, and there shall be no residual oil and impurities, especially surfactants such as metal cleaning agent. The reasonable method is to use a small amount of oil to wash the cleaned pipeline circularly, and then pump it out before feeding oil. Oil extracted during each overhaul "Relevant national departments take the lead in formulating relevant standards, laws and regulations, which should be strictly filtered and qualified before being put into use again.

2. The operating environment of the unit has a great impact on the stability of oil quality. Try to maintain a low oil temperature and prevent the invasion of moisture and impurities. Once problems are found, they should be eliminated in time.

3. After the normal operation of the unit, the oil quality should be inspected on schedule to ensure that Ensure the normal operation of the equipment. At present, the oil sample inspection standard of steam turbine oil in use can be carried out according to the national standard gb/t steam turbine oil quality in power plant operation

4. During operation, some new oil needs to be added after aging and treatment. Generally, new oil of the same brand and viscosity shall be used for oil replenishment, or the used qualified oil that meets the approval of the operating oil gauge

5. When the quality of turbine oil degrades to a certain extent during operation, remedial measures must be taken or oil change must be carried out. During operation, turbine oil performance warning value and oil change index shall be tested according to sh/t standard

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