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Nantong: merchants come to Nantong on the road of industrial transformation release date: Source: Nantong

Foxconn precision mold (Nantong) training center is located in Xiting. In october2015, Hon Hai Group executives attended the 20th anniversary celebration of the center. President Gou Taiming said that it took six hours to travel from Shanghai to Nantong by car and boat; It takes less than two hours to get to Xiting from Pudong, Shanghai today, which is as convenient as Kunshan, Southern Jiangsu and other places

what is the impact of unqualified coaxiality of Xiting testing machine? On the basis of unblocking rural roads, promote industrial transformation through investment promotion. Since the beginning of this year, the investment attraction work of the town has been continuously rated as "cj/t205 ⑵ 000 unit of cross linked polyethylene (PE-X) pipes for building water supply in Hongqi" in the first and second quarters by colleagues. In the first three quarters, five projects were signed, including three billion projects, one million dollar project and one 500million project

Xiting town pays attention to the combination of project attraction, rural road layout and industrial layout, and determines the industrial transformation orientation dominated by intelligent equipment, packaging materials, machinery manufacturing and modern textile and clothing. A number of projects with good development momentum and high return, such as rapoo non-woven fabric, Dazhou packaging phase II and Huawei construction, have been launched, started and put into production

Nantong dada packaging products Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 1billion in packaging phase II. The project covers an area of 112 mu, with a construction area of more than 50000 square meters and an annual output of 150million square meters of paperboard. It can be tested for one-way or two-way changes to achieve tax sales of 450million. Sunhongjiang, general manager of the company, said: "the important thing for me to settle in Xiting is that the investment environment here is good. One good performance is that the road facilities in the park are perfect, and our large container trucks can get in and out."

Xiting driving school is a well-known old driving school. Through transformation and upgrading, it has changed from a single driving training to a comprehensive enterprise integrating driving training and auto parts production. Zhuliyu, President of Xiting driving school, said: "after the enterprise is on track, it will reach a sales scale of billion yuan. If there is no road extending in all directions, I will not run a driving school here, and there will be no industrial transformation today."

Xiting town is close to Nantong airport, and national highway 345 and Tongyang Expressway pass through the territory. Xiting is making full use of this traffic advantage to integrate into the development of Tongzhou's industrial hinterland

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