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Cummins: Bush Attends the inauguration ceremony of the new embassy Cummins: Bush Attends the inauguration ceremony of the New Embassy China Construction Machinery Information Guide: Cummins generator sets provide backup power supply for the new embassy of the United States in China august11,2008 - the day of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the new embassy of the United States in China officially opened. The scale of the museum ranks second among the diplomatic facilities of the United States around the world, second only to the U. S. Embassy in Iraq in Baghdad

Cummins generator set provides backup power supply for the new US embassy in China

on August 11, 2008 - the day of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the new US embassy in China officially opened. The scale of the embassy ranks second among the diplomatic facilities of the United States around the world, second only to the U.S. Embassy in Iraq in Baghdad. The standby power supply system of the new embassy of the United States adopts imported Cummins power generation diesel generator sets, with a total of four sets, including three 10kV 1290kw units and one 400V 110KW unit

US President Bush Attends the unveiling ceremony of the new US embassy in China on the morning of August 8, current and former US President Bush and his son, who made a special trip to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the unveiling of the new embassy. John Watkins, vice chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China and President of Cummins East Asia, was invited to attend the opening ceremony as a representative of the American business community in China

the new US embassy in China costs US $434million and covers an area of more than 60 mu. The main building is an 8-storey building, which is wrapped with transparent and opaque glass. The whole building complex adopts American modern design style and integrates Chinese elements

the new embassy of the US embassy is located in Tianze Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. When the 16th year old Slater was still at school, he went to the third embassy area of Greece for diving. After the opening of the embassy, 950 employees will work here. The new embassy consists of five buildings. Among them, the color of the glass shell of the 8-storey host office building will change with the change of light at different times of the day

the US State Department has planned to build a new embassy in China since the late 1990s. As one of the key support systems, the standby power diesel generator set began public bidding in early 2004. Cummins market and technical experts cooperate with local dealers to actively participate in the bidding. The project team has successively visited the construction site with relevant personnel of dealers for many times, discussed repeatedly, put forward a variety of machine room design and operation implementation drafts, compared and optimized them according to the actual needs of users, and finally found the best scheme for bidding

after the comprehensive evaluation conducted by the bid evaluation committee on 36 bidders in the base, Cummins diesel generator set was finally recognized by the bid evaluation committee for its high-quality products, first-class load preparation solutions and customer first all-round service system

Cummins standby generator sets are widely used in large buildings around the world. Typical projects include the statue of liberty in New York, Sydney Opera House, the "London Eye" large Ferris wheel, the "twin towers" in Kuala Lumpur, Taipei 101 building, Hong Kong Financial Center Phase II and other local landmark buildings. At the Beijing Olympic Games, which attracted worldwide attention, Cummins standby units and engines were also used in the Olympic venues, including the water cube swimming pool and the ball center, as well as the Olympic supporting facilities such as the phase III terminal of the capital airport, the New International Exhibition Center, the new Beijing South Railway station and the emergency power supply fleet of Beijing electric power

Cummins in China

the historical origin of Cummins and China can be traced back to the 1940s more than half a century ago. On march11,1941, US President Franklin Roosevelt signed the lease act to provide wartime assistance to 38 countries, including China. The military aid to China under the lease act includes Jiangfang patrol boats and military trucks equipped with Cummins engines

at the end of 1944, a Chongqing enterprise sent a letter to Cummins to seek to establish business ties and carry out localized production of Cummins engines in China. Elvin Miller, then general manager of Cummins engines, expressed great interest in this in his reply and hoped that Cummins could build factories in China after the Sino Japanese war. For well-known reasons, Mr. Miller's idea can only be realized in the 1970s, 30 years later, with the gradual easing of Sino US relations

Cummins has invested more than 240 million US dollars in China. As the largest foreign investor in China's diesel engine industry, Cummins' business ties with China began in 1975. Mr. Elvin Miller, then chairman of Cummins, visited Beijing for the first time and became one of the first American entrepreneurs to seek business cooperation in China. In 1979, China and the United States established diplomatic relations. At the beginning of China's opening to the outside world, the first Cummins office in China was established in Beijing

Cummins is one of the first Western diesel engine companies to carry out localized engine production in China. In 1981, Cummins began to produce engines under the license of Chongqing engine factory. In 1995, Cummins established its first Chinese joint venture engine factory. So far, Cummins has a total of 21 institutions in China, including 14 wholly-owned and joint ventures, with more than 5400 employees, producing engines, generator sets, alternators, filtration systems, turbocharging systems, exhaust systems, post-treatment and fuel systems, and has a service network consisting of 12 regional service centers and more than 300 authorized dealers

Cummins has long insisted on forming a strategic alliance with China's large automobile and auto parts enterprises with an output value of 184.2 billion yuan to achieve common development. This has led to the emergence of the operating stress range. As the first foreign-funded diesel engine enterprise to come to China for localized production, Cummins has established four engine joint ventures with leading Chinese commercial vehicle enterprises, including Dongfeng Motor, Shaanxi Automobile Group and BAIC Foton, and eight of Cummins' 15 engine series have been produced locally in China

Cummins is the first foreign-funded diesel engine company to set up a research and development center in China. In August, 2006, the engine technology research and development center established by Cummins in cooperation with Dongfeng company was officially opened in Wuhan, Hubei Province

in 2007, Cummins' sales in China exceeded US $1.7 billion, an increase of 50% over 2006, accounting for nearly 10% of Cummins' total global sales, including joint ventures. China has become Cummins' largest and fastest-growing overseas market in the world

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