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Cummins and DuPont work together to contribute to solving the shortage of N95 masks

Cummins and DuPont work together to contribute to solving the shortage of N95 masks

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the global novel coronavirus epidemic is rampant, the demand for masks is soaring, and the global supply of N95 protective masks is facing great challenges. Good news! Cummins is cooperating with DuPont, an American technology company, to help solve this supply shortage. Cummins will supply the patented nanonet nano filter paper for the production of N95 protective masks

Amy Davis, vice president of Cummins Filtration System, said that at present, many well-known mask manufacturers around the world are facing the problem of shortage of core raw materials, and Cummins is using the existing mature filtration technology and products to cooperate with DuPont to help fill the gap in the supply of mask filter elements

Cummins nanonet and nanoforce filter materials combine DuPont's innovative and unique hybrid membrane technology with Cummins' synthetic fibers, which were originally used to protect sensitive engine components. However, as a high-performance filter material, it can also be used to make N95 masks and many other applications

Cummins is reassessing its supply chain and production capacity to help healthcare professionals who rely on important primary and secondary protective equipment to complete their work. The nanonet nano filter paper of Cummins can be used as the filter element of protective masks and contribute to alleviating the global supply shortage of masks. In addition, the technical information of the cooperation project between the two sides is open to the outside world, so that more medical and health systems and organizations can refer to and make protective masks

ensure the supply of key raw materials in times of crisis

Cummins nanonet and nanoforce patented nanofiltration technology, using DuPont's hybrid membrane technology (HMT), in addition to commonly used in air, fuel and lubricating oil filtration products on heavy diesel engines to protect against long-term engine wear, can also be applied to N95 protective masks to filter media particles that can carry novel coronavirus in the air, Protect everyone from virus infection

n95 mask, as its name suggests, can filter out at least 95% of particles and prevent them from entering the wearer's mouth and nose. In the previous industry standard evaluation, Cummins nanonet nano filter element performed better than the standard defined by N95. Meanwhile, Cummins' manufacturers have also provided filter element samples to global mask manufacturers to test the filtering effect

▲ nanonet and nanoforce filter paper of Cummins filter system

the products using Cummins nano filter paper also need to be reviewed by the National Institute of occupational health and safety (NIOSH). At present, Cummins has made relevant preparations. Once approved, the products can be put on the market immediately to alleviate the current dilemma

the original intention comes from ensuring the safety of medical staff

the first batch of 1 The sample of Cummins filter element respirator for granulator was designed by the team of the University of Minnesota in March this year as part of the project of providing respirators to relevant medical institutions in Minnesota. As the epidemic escalated, they realized that the N95 masks they provided for medical staff might face a shortage within a few weeks

designers, engineers, chemists, surgeons, anesthesiologists and clothing experts from all departments of the University have formed a special team to cooperate with the filtration Research Center (CFR) to jointly solve the shortage of important personal protective equipment. According to experts from the filtration Research Center, not all filter materials have the same effect, and Cummins filter material is a good substitute

"thank Cummins for donating filter materials for our project. Since the donated materials were in place, the project has made rapid progress. Now we have developed a variety of masks, including disposable and reusable ones. In the case of the shortage of standard medical N95 masks, these designs have brought practical protection to the safety of medical staff." Said Jakub Tolar, Dean of the University of Minnesota School of medicine

▲ advanced High performance filter materials HP NANDA, global vice president and general manager of water treatment company of DuPont, said: "Thank our partner Cummins for changing the production line to help solve the global shortage of N95 mask materials; the scale instigated by the pointer on the slider is 1.5 of the reciprocating stroke of the lower gripper. Thank also the experts from the University of Minnesota for playing a leading role in testing and designing a variety of masks, which has benefited many medical systems. I hope that through your cooperation, we can expand the innovative application of existing technologies and materials and slow down the spread of the virus 。”

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