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Cummins power makes logistics veteran wangquanyong "win" life

Cummins power makes logistics veteran wangquanyong "win" life

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wangquanyong, general manager of Hangzhou Liying Logistics Co., Ltd., has worked in the logistics industry for many years. Wang Quanyong has been dealing with all kinds of vehicles for years, from truck drivers who started to work alone, to logistics companies in 2003, and then to the second venture in 2010. He believes that "timeliness and safety" are the most important in the logistics industry. Cummins engine, which fully meets these two needs, has helped him run faster and faster on the road of development, so it has won his trust

matching high-end customers

the main customers of Hangzhou Liying Logistics Co., Ltd. are Amway cosmetics, Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau, SF express and foreign trade enterprises. No matter how well the market is developed, if the goods cannot be delivered in time, everything will be empty talk. The demands on the third-party logistics suppliers for the Amway brand that brings the direct sales model into China are unimaginable; In the industry, SF express, which is famous for its timeliness, is naturally very cautious in choosing logistics outsourcing cooperative enterprises; In the management system of competitive sports with Chinese characteristics, safety and reliability are undoubtedly the primary considerations in providing logistics services for athletes' competition and training

"Sports Bureau customers are special." Wangquanyong said that the sports teams of Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau often go to various parts of China for training and competition. The training time is long, and there are many athletes' luggage and supporting equipment. "I forget which team went to Yunnan base for training last time. Anyway, it is full of six container vans." Therefore, the logistics transportation of logistics equipment is equivalent to "the soldiers and horses are not moving, and the food and grass are first". In order to ensure that Sun Yang and other star athletes can train and prepare for the war in time, the vehicles must leave in advance and the luggage and equipment must be transported in place before the athletes arrive by plane. With stable and punctual performance, Liying logistics delivered the "food and grass" of these Zhejiang athletes to all parts of the motherland in time

Liying logistics has met the requirements of these customers. Is there any secret

wangquanyong said that in terms of management mode, he learned a lot from SF, such as cargo insurance, safety management, driver operation specifications, etc. Of course, the reliability of the vehicle is the foundation of all this. The engine, which is likened to the heart of the car, is the most critical consideration in Wang Quanyong's mind

he handles a lot of vehicles. He is already friends with many dealers and trusts each other. The company has more than 100 vehicles, covering light, medium and heavy trucks. When the company needs to buy a car, he doesn't need to go to the store or the auto show. He usually makes a call, knows the configuration and price, and then decides. Familiar brand dealers know his needs very well - Cummins engine is the first choice. "Our company chooses vehicles, whether Dongfeng Tianlong, Liuqi Baron, Foton Auman or OMAC, which are equipped with Cummins engines." He believes that in the face of high-quality customers with high requirements, it is of course Cummins that can guarantee high-quality engines. "For example, vehicles running on the Zhengzhou trunk line, with a journey of 1000 kilometers, depart every night. SF requires that they arrive within 24 hours. Our air parts take 12 and a half hours, and our land parts take 16 hours, all ahead of their time limit." Wangquanyong said that it all depends on the stable performance of Cummins engine

from the driver's point of view

wangquanyong's trust in Cummins engine is related to his personal experience. His hometown in the countryside is not rich. He came out early to work and shoulder the burden of improving family conditions. He said frankly, "I was poor before." He has done a lot of work to change the fate of poverty. First, I did some decoration for a period of time. I met many friends and found business opportunities for delivery. Later, I bought a car to run freight and attached myself to someone else's company

at that time, wangquanyong was very hardworking. He was famous in the team for being on call without rest for 24 hours. From Hangzhou to Shanghai, other people go back and forth one day. He can run two times a day; The average driver earns twoorthree yuan a day. He can earn fiveorsix hundred yuan for such a process. "If you want to change your life, you have to change yourself first. You have to fight." Recalling the days of struggle, wangquanyong seemed very indifferent

In 2003, he borrowed money to set up his own freight company. "If you want to be big, you must have your own company to get first-hand supply." He became a boss, drove his car out to find sources of goods and talk about business, and said goodbye to the truck cab. "I've been driving a truck for a long time. I'm not used to driving a car at the beginning. I still want to drive a truck." Wangquanyong seems to have lost something

however, this unforgettable truck driving experience deeply influenced him, especially in the choice of vehicles. "I've driven a truck. I know. Drivers are very hard. If you want to choose one, choose one that is easy and easy to drive. If you are most worried about an accident on the road, choose one that is safe and secure." The internationally renowned Cummins Engine reassures wangquanyong. He believes that the products can only be delivered after obtaining the certificate. The vehicle is equipped with Cummins engine, which ensures the speed, power and safety. "Moreover, our drivers spend a long time in the car every day, accompanied by the buzzing sound in the non-stop vibration. They are particularly prone to feel tired. With Cummins engine, the car noise is relatively low and stable, which is good for the driver."

power changes life

previously, he was a truck driver. He didn't have to think about so much. As long as he thought that the overall demand for composite materials would steadily increase to $4.7 billion in 2019, he would have the power to drive. After becoming a boss, he has to consider the power, safety and cost of the vehicle

in terms of geographical environment, Hangzhou is flat to the north, but it is mostly mountainous to the south. Wangquanyong therefore prefers to choose the high-power Cummins engine. "On mountain roads, small horsepower cars can't run at all. Under the same conditions, I must choose high horsepower. OMAC is equipped with isf2.8-liter and 3.8-liter Cummins engines. I choose the 3.8-liter engine. Among the engines of the same kind, ISF is the smallest, lightest and most powerful. Although Cummins engines are more expensive, they are acceptable. The key is that they are very powerful, and the more heavy they are, the more fuel-efficient they are." He feels that Cummins series engines have excellent fuel economy, and their comprehensive fuel consumption is significantly lower than that of similar products

in terms of intercity logistics, the company is also equipped with many Dongfeng Tianlong, Liuqi Baolong and Foton Auman engines equipped with Cummins ISD, Isl and isz series engines. These medium and heavy engines also have strong horsepower and meet Wang Quanyong's selection criteria. What makes him more happy is that Cummins engines generally have the characteristics of fuel saving, high attendance and easy maintenance, which makes him a loyal fan of Cummins engines step by step. As long as you choose a car, no matter what brand, the first condition must be equipped with Cummins power

"the investment should consider the return of capital. The return of capital in one or two years and the third year should be profitable. If it breaks down in the third year, it won't work. Although the parts and maintenance of Cummins engine are more expensive, it doesn't like to break down." Wangquanyong deeply understands this. The smallest Cummins ISF engine is maintained every 20000 km, while other medium and heavy-duty engines are maintained only after 50000 or even 100000 km. The vehicles of Liying logistics company can operate for 56 years after running for 3 years or 5.6 million km for short-term transportation. "The engine has no overhaul for a long time, with low fuel consumption and long maintenance cycle, which can save a lot of money." In his mind, the accounts were clearly calculated, which also made him more confident in Cummins engine

wangquanyong has worked hard in the logistics industry over the years. The Cummins engine with high attendance and low failure rate has never lost its chain. Liying logistics, his second venture, has become famous among more than 400 logistics enterprises gathered in Hangzhou Xiaoshan ChuanHua logistics park. There is no doubt that Cummins engine will add more impetus to the operation and development of his company in the future

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