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Guangzhou plans to regularly clean the building facades, and the damaged facades should be decorated in a timely manner

(check all pictures and news in China). Since February 17, the Guangzhou Municipal Construction Commission has publicly solicited opinions on the "Regulations on the management of the renovation of Guangzhou's human settlements environment (Draft for comments)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"). According to the regulations, the facades of buildings in Guangzhou need to be cleaned regularly every 3-5 years

the regulation points out that the renovation of human settlements includes the upgrading and reconstruction of urban and rural roads; Facade decoration and renovation of buildings (structures); Construction and transformation of historical culture and urban and rural characteristic landscape; Renovation of residential communities and construction of relevant supporting facilities; Urban and rural lighting construction; The overhead line goes down to the ground and is neat; Urban landscaping construction and transformation; Setting and renovation of urban furniture

according to the regulations, the maintenance and management of the facade and ancillary facilities of buildings (structures) shall be carried out by the owner or the user in accordance with the relevant management measures of Guangzhou. The facade of buildings (structures) should be kept clean, without obvious stains, damage, falling off, serious discoloration, etc., and should be cleaned regularly every 3-5 years. In case of damage, falling off, fading and other phenomena, it shall be repaired or re decorated in time

what happens if you don't clean it? The reporter did not find the corresponding penalty in the "Regulations", but the "Regulations" has an evaluation and incentive mechanism. The municipal government regularly organizes an assessment and evaluation of the renovation of the living environment, and notifies the whole city





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