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Roger, chairman of konson Keshang wooden door, was awarded the honorary title of "2014 person of the year in China wooden door and window industry" at the grand ceremony of the annual meeting of China wooden door association in March 2015. This grand ceremony was fully organized by the China wooden door association. Also participating in this home door and window event were Mengtian wooden door, Tata wooden door and other well-known domestic wooden door manufacturing enterprises

konson Keshan Roger was awarded the person of the year at this annual meeting, which was expected by all and deserved. Under the leadership of Roger, konson keshangmumen has won many industry heavyweight awards, such as "top 30 enterprises in China", "the most trusted household brand by netizens in 2013", "top 10 most influential brands in 2014". His individual has also won many honorary titles. He was awarded the title of "outstanding entrepreneur of China wooden gate in the past ten years" at the 2014 annual ceremony of China wooden gate. This award is the recognition of konson Roger by China wooden door association, and also the affirmation of konson Keshan Roger's contribution to the wooden door industry

as the leader of wooden door enterprises, konson Keshan Roger has always regarded himself as a carpenter. He believes that the craftsman spirit represents the temperament of an era, which is firm, down-to-earth and keeps improving. Craftsman spirit is the spirit of pursuing the ultimate, professional and dedicated. Work is a kind of practice. There is only inevitability in the world, not chance. Craftsmen may not be able to become entrepreneurs, but most successful entrepreneurs have this kind of craftsmanship. And he, konson Roger, always remembered that he was a craftsman. Focus on wooden door manufacturing, concentrate on wooden doors, focus on a certain field you are good at for a long time, and make things perfect until you become a leader in this industry

for a long time, the unique design and precision quality of konson Keshang wooden door have made konson Keshang wooden door unique and unique in the wooden door industry. From design, to raw materials, to glue, paint and core materials, as well as packaging and transportation, konson Keshang people strive for the best in every detail, tirelessly, and strive to achieve an environmentally friendly and comfortable home experience, so that every konson Keshang consumer can buy the best wooden door. This spirit of enterprise craftsmanship is inseparable from konson Keshan Roger's core values of "perfection, excellence, diligence and innovation" as the foundation of enterprise development, so that every product printed with konson Keshan logo can become a brilliant art masterpiece. Constantly improve and carve their own products, improve their own crafts, and make every konson Keshan wooden door continuously improve and perfect under a kind of almost paranoid craftsman spirit, and finally exist in a form that meets the strict requirements of konson Keshan, presenting the public

in this era of "businessman spirit", individuals and enterprises are facing great pressure of survival challenges. While adhering to the traditional wooden door manufacturing, konson Keshan Roger also attaches great importance to cultivating the learning ability and innovative spirit of employees, regularly organizes employee training, enables employees to constantly summarize, constantly discover and constantly think, fundamentally enables employees to develop the habit of continuous learning, and at the same time, carries out a lot of practical exercises, accumulates a lot of practical experience, encourages innovation, and achieves invincibility in a hundred battles. In konson Keshan, the craftsman spirit has formed a common cultural and ideological value between enterprise leaders and employees, and thus cultivated the internal motivation of the enterprise. Respect traditional industries and not be restricted by traditional industries. Konson Roger believes that the future market belongs to the Internet. Konson Keshang is engaged in Internet marketing and internet promotion, with all-round cooperation online and offline, and constantly improve the marketing and after-sales service system, so that konson Keshang consumers have no worries at home

craftsman spirit is not konson Keshan Roger's slogan, it is rooted in konson Keshan Roger's heart. I believe that konson Keshang, under the leadership of Roger, who has the spirit of craftsmanship in the new era, will definitely make a point, go to a higher level, create more brilliant achievements and serve China





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