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With the gradual implementation of China's environmental protection policies, a trend of "scheme" has emerged in the furniture coating industry. Various coating enterprises are scrambling to launch their own "solutions", and zhanchen is no exception

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-- zhanchen environmental protection coating "package" solution at Shanghai Hongqiao furniture exhibition

with the increasing implementation of China's environmental protection policy, the furniture coating industry has risen a "scheme" trend, and various coating enterprises have rushed to launch their own "solutions", zhanchen is no exception

after a period of accumulation and precipitation, zhanchen leisurely launched a "package" solution for furniture environmental protection coating. Although the speed may not be the first, the content is still real

from the environmental assessment of the customer's factory, to the planning of the coating line, to the on-line training, and the final service maintenance, the solution provided by zhanchen is similar to that of other peers in terms of process, but its core is the "package"

looking at the current solutions in the industry, they are either water-based or limited to UV. However, the actual situation faced by furniture manufacturers is not only water-based or UV can be solved independently; Zhanchen's "package" just solves the one-sided problem of these solutions, and it is also the only supplier in the industry that can comprehensively solve this problem. The whole set of coating system derived from the four cores of "water-based spraying, UV roller coating, UV spraying, and water-based UV spraying" is the result of practical testing

on September 9, Sinorgchem, one of the customers who participated in the exhibition at the same time with zhanchen, held its "7-plus water-based coating technology conference" in hall 5.2 of Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center, announcing that Sinorgchem has achieved comprehensive water-based coating, which is also the first enterprise in the field of office furniture in China, and has become a benchmark case of zhanchen coating's "package" solution in the field of office furniture, The official wechat of Zhan Chen reported the details many times last month, so I won't go into details here

Qumei Furniture Group held a press conference on "100 technological innovations in clean air"

before that, zhanchen's "package" has helped Qumei, a representative enterprise of suite furniture, achieve comprehensive hydration. In April, Qumei's stock soared all the way as soon as it was listed, with remarkable achievements

more recently, the determined Magnolia has successfully transformed under zhanchen's all-out efforts. Its main American cabinet products have been exported in large quantities, and have become a model for visiting and learning in the whole industry

zhanchen's "package" solution for environmental protection coating has achieved excellent success in many fields, such as suite furniture, wooden doors, cabinets, office furniture and so on

and they are already changing

the 36th China (Shanghai) International Furniture Expo - zhanchen Coating Exhibition Hall





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