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The press conference of China's top 30 wooden door quality and integrity was grandly held a few days ago. After more than two months of strict review, Bincheng wooden door achievement won this honor, adding another luster to the development of Bincheng wooden door

Bincheng wooden door, which focuses on multiple breakthroughs such as design strength, talent team and fashion vision, has brought another surprise in early spring! On March 23rd, 2015, at the press conference of China's top 30 wooden door quality and integrity jointly hosted by China wood and wood products Circulation Association, Guangdong door industry association and Asia Pacific media, Bincheng once again won the top prize, won this peak honor, and added a strong mark in the history of development

the organizer began to review more than 100 wooden door brands that applied for awards at the same time in November last year. After more than two months of strict evaluation, the selected brands were finally confirmed in January. Winning the "top 30 national wooden doors" is the strength of Bincheng wooden door, and it is also the industry's certification of Bincheng wooden door's product technology and production strength

in the wood door industry, Bincheng has always insisted on being the best, from material selection to processing to after-sales, in order to provide consumers with the most environmentally friendly and high-quality wood doors. Such efforts have also been recognized by consumers and the industry

as long as you have a dream in your heart and take action, your dream will become a reality. Starting from the initial starting point, Bincheng has been insisting, and every footprint records Bincheng's achievements. At the same time, Bincheng will continue as always to bring happiness to every user




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